Improving website performance

What we do

We don’t rank websites. That’s what Google’s does. Our job is to help you ensure that you have a website that deserves top Search Engine rankings and that encourages users to buy from you.

We are specialists in website optimisation and improving overall performance to get better returns from it for you.  This includes Search Engine Optimisation, content optimisation, useability improvement, and generally anything that makes the site work better for your users and search engines.  It takes in to account your overall internet presence and visibilty and aims to “get your website seen” by as many people as possible and to entice these people to “buy from you”.

Improving website performance

How we work

There are so many different aspects to what we do, and what you may want or need, that we are totally flexible about how we work with you. The Internet and your needs will evolve over time. Our relationship with you will evolve as well so that you always get what is important to you. We aim to make the process easy and stress free for you. We don’t lock you in to anything. Check out our great client testimonials and case studies.

Putting the pieces together

Not promoting your Web site, is like having glossy brochures sitting in your store room!

We make use of our knowledge of how people find websites in order to maximise the amount of ‘qualified’ traffic to your Web site. We put the jigsaw together!

Get your website seen

We get your Web site seen in the right places on the Net!

We aim to increase your site’s online visibility in places where your customers will be looking for information related to your company, your products and services, or your competitors. Not just search engines but other places as well.


Improve Your Web Site Performance

Improving your website performance is about much more than just promoting it. Once a user arrives at your site its important they have the best possible experience.  We help you ensure that site content, structure and many other things give the user an experience that results in more business for you. We make sure it is all working as well as possible for you and the user.


We understand the needs of the NZ tourism industry (and others)!

Because of our previous New Zealand tourism industry experience, since 1996 Net Action has specialised mostly in working with New Zealand travel and tourism businesses and their Internet needs.  But we are happy to work with websites in other industries as well.


We help you with the tasks that are too hard or that you are too busy for!

We can also help you with and facilitate resolution of technical or strategic issues such as the process of site redevelopment (we don’t develop sites) and many more issues related to your web site. Blogs, articles, images, content and much more.  Really anything except actual site development and programming.


Your website is just one part of your Marketing Strategy.

Because we have worked in tourism for years, we understand most aspects of the industry and are able to help you with many other parts of your business including Tourism Marketing, strategic advice and input. More bits of the overall jigsaw!

Please contact us to discuss your needs and what we can do for you.

We own and operate a number of New Zealand travel and tourism directories including:


Travel, tourism and other information for travellers to New Zealand. Accomodation, activities, attractions, general information and more links easily searchable.


Searchable New Zealand travel directory with hundreds of up-to-date links for accommodation, transport, attractions, activities, tour operators and travel information for planning your holiday.


Information for travellers to any Rugby in New Zealand. Travel and games information as well as news feeds and rugby shopping.