Case Studies

Here are some examples of the type of things we have done for clients.

1) General Sort Out of Site Issues

A Luxury accommodation provider contacted us because their Word Press site was not showing in Search Engines and they were not getting bookings. The developer was no longer on the scene so nobody was really looking after the site and dealing with any issues for them. They had a great product that nobody on the net knew about!

We immediately identified a number of critical issues related to

  • robots.txt settings
  • some technical hosting issues including email issues
  • page urls, redirects and duplicate content
  • Site Optimisation issues re content, titles and tags
  • Listing on key sites

We also recommended a number of additions and improvements for the site.

We liaised with previous developers and hosting companies to unravel some of the issues which were actually quite complex. We found someone who would coordinate both development and hosting for them.

They now have a great developer who will deal with site issues, a reliable hosting company, an optimised site with better content, and us to assist them as required. Their site has better content, is optimised and technical issues have been fixed. People on the Net can find it now!

They are very happy and their site is peforming much better for them!

2) Channel Manager & Booking Site Setup

We had been recommending one of our existing clients get their business listed on some key online booking sites (eg, Agoda, Bookit) and use their Channel Manager to keep these updated. Because of their lack of time and the perceived difficulty of doing this, it just never happened. So we began the process for them and guided them through it by training them in the setup and co-ordinating with the Booking sites.

They completed the setup mostly by themselves with our assistance and facilitation as required. They began to get more enquiries and bookings via the booking sites immediately.

We made it happen for them or it never would have!

3) Site content, specials and Adwords

A client knew they wanted to add specials to their site but just never got around to it. It required some developer time to do this as well. Their owner also wanted to try a Google Adwords Campaign.

We facilitated the addition of the Specials page. While doing this we advised that there was potential to greatly improve the information about each of their room types and make it clearer to people booking the specials. Using their CMS system we added the extra content and greatly improved the user experience on their site.

We set up and ran a trial AdWords campaign for them that allowed them to clearly assess whether there was sufficient Return on Investment for them using AdWords. They subsequently ran another campaign.

The client has much better content on their site and is much better informed about AdWords issues.

4) Mobile site

A client had just completed site redevelopment but hadn’t included a mobile site in the mix. A big mistake but they didn’t want to spend more on mobilisation.

We built a Duda Mobile site for them for a very reasonable cost. This will do them until they eventually want to build a fully integrated or responsive mobile site.

They now have a mobile site that they wouldn’t have without this solution or considerably more cost.

5) Redevelopment Assistance

Several clients have recently redeveloped their websites. This has gone more smoothly where they have advised us first and we have been able to help with planning and guide them through the process.

Redevelopment is never easy. In all cases we have spent time checking many things on the new site, reoptimising it, advising on content, images, structure and more. Often many things are missed in the process – they just slip through the cracks. So there is normally a lot of co-ordination with the developers about the things that we discover and that need completion or correction.

We have provided a badly needed “second set of eyes” to ensure that the new sites are working correctly and are hopefully better than their old one.

6) Ongoing maintenance

We have clients that we have worked with since 1998. We answer emails on a range of issues about development, hosting, domain names, advertising they are offered, listings on Tourism New Zealand and TripAdvisor. We monitor their site’s performance and reoptimise as and when required. We check and upload Analytics tracking code, verification files, sitemaps and images for them and change text in external links and listings. We advise on redevelopment, content, structure, product, competitors, mobile, social, PPC, key changes on the net and more. We are never short of things to do for them.

They count on us to help them with anything they need related to their Internet presence.

This is just a snapshot of what we do. There is much more.