Our Ethics & Approach

This is where you get inside our heads and can decide if you like the way we think and what we strive for!

1) We focus on results

At all times the focus of our work is “how can we achieve the best return for you from your website at the least cost to you.”

2) We use best practice

We only use what we think is “industry best practice” at the time. However, this is constantly changing so something that is considered best practice at one time may change to something else at a later stage. If so, we will refocus our efforts.

3) We use our best efforts

Many things about what we do cannot be controlled by us. They may be determined by such things as changes in ranking algorithms at Search Engines.  We are quite open with you and will not make promises for things that are beyond our control (as some will).  We try to set honest, realistic expectations with our clients and will always direct our best effort towards achieving results for you.

4) We use the best information we can

We spend a lot of time trying to keep up with recent information from the industry we are in.  There is a huge, huge mine of information and different perspectives on this complex industry.  So we won’t know everything – nobody will, and they should not tell you that they do.  But we will not pretend that we do either – we will tell you if we don’t.

5) We try to be as efficient as possible

We try to keep you informed about what we are doing as much as we can.  But sometimes we will “just get on and do it” because long email discussions about things that many clients may not fully understand can be very costly in terms of time. “Just doing it” can reduce the cost to you. Please trust us on that!

6) We need to work “with” you

We rely on you to provide us with information about upcoming changes to your website or marketing strategies and priorities.

For example, if you don’t tell us that your site is being changed, it can end up costing you.  Appropriate planning before a site changeover can save a lot of time and effort after the changeover with the checking and fixing of many issues that could have been easily avoided. There are many things to consider with a site changeover.

We are good, but we can’t read minds…

7) We need to communicate with you

This is a two way relationship – great communication is the best way for us to ensure that we are always doing the best for you at the least cost. We will strongly encourage (nag) you to please keep us informed. It means a better result at cheaper cost for you.

Communication is normally by email or phone. You can ask us anything at any time.

8) Our terms are

We ask for payment for work on the 20th of the month following invoice date – standard practice that helps everyone, including client/supplier relationships. We feel great about clients who help us eat without stress!

9) We are flexible

We don’t lock you into anything long term and are always flexible about dealing with your priorities or requirements. If you want to change or end the arrangement you have with us at any time, we just ask for a months’ notice so that we can tidy up any critical loose ends for you and reschedule other work.  Any work completed prior to notification is of course chargeable.

10) We will help you with anything that we can

We have a great deal of experience outside of just “website related issues”. For example, tourism industry and computer and business systems.  If there are other things we can help you with, ask us and we are happy to do so if we can. We will tell you if we can’t.

If there is something we have missed, or you would like clarified, contact us to find out what we think!