Our People

Sue Dorrington

Sue has been actively involved in the New Zealand travel and tourism industry for over 35 years, in both the retail travel and inbound sectors. In 1995 she set up her own business as an independent consultant undertaking tourism and marketing consulting work. One of these projects involved assisting a leading travel publisher with the content development and marketing of their new web site, which lead to a new focus for her tourism marketing skills.

In 1996, Sue spent considerable time building up her knowledge of the Internet as a marketing tool and has since successfully specialised in helping travel & tourism businesses to maximise their Internet investment.

Early on, Sue began publishing a regular email newsletter, ‘Tourism Web Marketing’ aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge of Web Marketing in the travel and tourism industry. Ron now produces this on a monthly basis for Net Action clients, Great New Zealand website clients and external subscribers to this. You can view issues of this on our newsletters page.

Ron Egan

Ron has been working in the computer industry and related roles since 1982. This has included small business systems sales and support, in house systems and business management, and specialist database support for corporate clients. He has a wide range of expertise in the use of computer software, such as database applications, for maximising business efficiency. Has been actively involved in the development of Net Action’s Web marketing services and systems since 1996, including our own in house specialist web marketing database.

Ron has qualifications and experience in business services, accounting, tourism, marketing and systems support. He gets to do the nasty jobs like accounting, admin, programming and keeping our websites and inhouse systems running. Ron also currently researches and writes our newsletters. He uses PHP, MYSQL, WordPress and other CMS systems and works with clients particularly on the more technical aspects of our services to them.

No mugshots, sorry because we just keep improving with age!


We employ staff as required and also work closely with a number of other organisations who are able to provide specialist input if required.

We have been tracking results for our clients since 1996 so we know that the Web Marketing that we do for our clients works and must be an integral part of any Internet strategy. Our techniques are professional and based on a solid knowledge and understanding of the issues. We always use industry “best practices” in our work and spend a large amount of time keeping up with latest developments.