We are pleased that our clients like our work and especially that they find us easy to deal with. Here is a sample of the great comments our great clients have said about us.

Because we are very diligent about protecting client confidentiality, we have not added their names on this page. But we are happy to provide these to you in confidence if you contact us directly for this information.

Motel Manager 19 rooms (June 2015)

Sue and Ron from Net Action have assisted us with Search Engine Optimisation and web marketing for our motel business since 2007.  With the growing number of online accommodation site listings and their associated links, their services in ensuring our presence on these sites has been invaluable.  They also offer suggestions to improve our online services to guests through our website and are able to keep up to date with changes and updates, which is extremely helpful with so many sites to manage.  Their regular report is always comprehensive and we are very happy to recommend their services.

A Major NZ Tourism Web Developer (Dec 2014)

We are very cautious as to whom we recommend for professional website optimisation – there are many sharks out there who will attempt to baffle you with smoke and mirrors. We have come across only one company (Net Action) whom our customers consistently tell us provide great service and won’t try to sell you what you don’t need.

We asked Net Action to put together a range of SEO packages for our website customers

Accommodation and Travel Services Business

(We sorted out a whole lot of complicated issues with registrant details etc for their 10 domain names and obtained .nz domain names for them). They said:

Thanks very much Ron, it has been a job I have been putting off – for obvious reasons; then you came along. Thank you very much for your efforts Ron.

Boutique Hotel

Net Action have been helping us with our website since we had our first major website upgrade in 2005.  Mainly this has been in the area of website optimisation and I am very pleased with the results we have achieved.  Based on our choice of key terms we are right up there on Google.

Also, we have had another website upgrade at the end of 2013 and Net Action have sorted out all the technical issues involved with ensuring that the new website was properly optimised and the changeover truly seamless.

Sue and Ron provide a very professional service and are very quick to respond to questions and problems.  As much as we would like to get more involved in these things, our business fully occupies our time and to be able to rely on Net Action has been a true bonus.

Specialist Inbound and Outbound operator

Sue Dorrington & Ron Egan have been instrumental in assisting me with my two businesses for over 10 years.

Their work ethic and attention to detail is only surpassed by their knowledge of the business of website optimisation.  My business ranked highly with the various search engines and enquiries came in.

Completely reliable, they have often offered extra assistance and very useful ideas to me to help promote my businesses.  Much of the success I have has been due to Net Action

I would gladly recommend them to you.

Inbound Travel Planning Company

Sue and Ron at Net Action have consistently provided a web marketing service to ***** with which I have been extremely satisfied over many years.

Their efforts have been evident in the search engine rankings achieved. The follow-up reports provided have always been thorough and have included useful recommendations and suggestions. In addition both have shown their willingness to input constructively on an informal basis in relation to any matters pertaining to the website as and when required.

Accomodation Provider

Congratulations Ron,
You are genius. Another challenge achieved.

Christchurch B&B Hotel

A Top web marketing team.

Net Action Ltd performed regular work for us related to the optimisation and marketing of our web site for 12 years from 1999 until 2011 when our hotel was sadly destroyed in the CHCH earthquake and has not reopened.

Ron & Sue’s pro-active, helpful, “can do” attitude made working with them a pleasure. They were always prepared to help and provide ideas and advice about any aspect of the Internet or tourism and marketing generally. The ability to bounce any ideas around was extremely valuable to us. We liked knowing that they were always watching what was happening with our web presence and advising us or co-ordinating anything that needed to be done.

We are grateful for the assistance provided by them and are sure that it helped our website and business to perform as well as it did. Definitely money well spent.

We have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Thanking You

Accommodation Directory

I would not hesitate to recommend Net Action’s services.

Ron and Sue are approachable, experienced and practical in their approach to all things ‘net’ based. Their ability to explain in ‘plain English’ and their tolerance of those less knowledgeable was enormously reassuring. They also understand a budget and their customer service could not be faulted.

Luxury Serviced Apartment Provider

I have been a Net Action client since 2000. I see this service as absolutely necessary to get your website out there and seen. It will not happen by itself. I pride myself as being a little IT savvy but believe me it is growing so fast you need someone like Net Action to help as they research all the time to keep you in the know. I have recently changed Host providers, created a new website, and adopted an online booking system.

Without Net Action to help I would have been out of my depth.

Christchurch Rental Car Company

Net Action have marketed and looked after our website since 1999.   As we have no expertise in this area Sue and Ron have been invaluable to us.   All queries regarding our website are referred to them for approval first which means they have full control of the content that should be included which we then only need to approve.

Currently they forward us quarterly reports which inform us where our enquiries are coming from along with heaps of other information to assist us as to where we spend our advertising dollar.

Net Action have also been instrumental in setting up our mobile website.   This means searching our website on mobile phones is a lot easier.

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