Adobe Flash Issues. The end of Flash?

If you are using Firefox as your browser you will have noticed numerous web sites do not fully work until you manually activate Adobe Flash. Trying to install the Flash upgrade also may not work. Flash is frequently used to display streaming video, advertisement and interactive multimedia content on web pages – the whole site will not be broken but images and video might be.

This is because Firefox have disabled automatic activation of Flash due to serious security concerns. You need manually activate it for every site. Security is also an issue in other browsers like Internet Explorer. They just haven’t taken a stand and blocked it.

Many have been calling for the end of Flash for a number of years (5 or more) as it is considered “old technology” and highly susceptible to hacking and security issues.

Some are suggesting that the current and ongoing issues really are finally sounding the death knell for it now.

However it is widely use by a number of significant websites including Tripadvisor, Dropbox, Metvuw, and many media sites and travel sites. Around 10% of all websites use Flash.

So the transition to a widespread replacement is quite extensive, costly and problematic.

If you are using it on your site, your users may not be getting the information that you think they are and may be frustrated because parts of your site (eg images,sliders, video) appears to be broken. Not everyone knows how to activate Flash.

Check with your developer if they have a transition plan for it at all. If you are developing a new site, check to see if it is using Flash or if there is an alternative. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and other newer web technologies are options.

Either Adobe needs to find a long term and totally effective solution to the Flash security issue or the industry needs to move to an alternative.

Flash also does not work on mobile websites.