Adventure Operator Audits & Registration

In an effort to stamp out “Cowboys” and maintain high standards, Worksafe NZ is tightening up on rules for adventure operators. Operators falling under the Worksafe NZ regulations are required to complete safety audits and registration by a 1 November 2014 deadline.

The Worksafe NZ site states:

Operator responsibility

It is the responsibility of operators to ensure the safety of their clients and staff at all times. They remain responsible for ensuring the safety of their operations on a daily basis.

This includes identifying whether they are subject to the regulations and, if so, to ensure they are audited and registered by 1 November.

So if you are an adventure operator or have some sort of business that may fall under these regulations you should ensure that you know what your responsibilities are and if you are subject to audit and registration.

Failure to do so appears to have significant consequences. This includes your ability to advertise in regional guides, and Tourism New Zealand will only support registered operators.

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