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What does Net Action do?

We are often asked to explain what we do that is different to others.

Net Action Ltd, which runs, primarily ensures that your site and business have the best Internet presence that they can. Increased sales to you is the end goal from this.

Search Engine Optimisation is at the core of our work but just looking back at the last week, here are some of the many things that we have dealt with for clients.
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Google + changes

Google have been under continuing pressure from large sites about how “Google pushes it’s own barrow in its search results”.
eg much of the space on the 1st page is taken up with Google Adwords and / or Google Local Search results, Google Images etc.

So Google has recently succumbed to some of this pressure and changed a few things in the Search Results pages (Serps). We don’t know if these are permanent or just an experiment (they won’t tell anyone of course).

Changes they have made are mostly in Local Search results, which have been a good way to get on page 1 for free. They were showing up to 7 results here, but have now reduced this to 3. This is also to make results more mobile friendly – 3 fits better than 7.

And your business’s Google + page is not linked directly from these anymore.

That makes it even more important to try to ensure that you are in these Local results and that your Google + page is effective (it affects this). And Google reviews can affect this – more good reviews on your Google + page affects if you are in the top 3 local results displayed. So keep on focusing on encouraging customer reviews for your business on your Google+ page.

Google has also split out the photo component of your Google+ Page into a standalone product called Google Photos.

For more information see or a more recent article

And talk to us if you need to know more on this.

Meeting re SEO and your website

In August and September we will be in Rotorua, Taupo, the south of the North Island, Picton, Blenheim, Kaikoura, Christchurch, Tekapo, Wanaka, Queenstown, and Westland.

Would you like to know how we might be able to assist you to make your website perform better on the Internet? We do a whole range of things that you probably don’t even know that your website needs. It goes way beyond just strict SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

You can see some of the things that we do on our website at Read testimonials at and case studies at We do a much more as well.

A face to face meeting will explain whole lot more and also give you some feedback and advice about what your own site might benefit from.

A website is not passive – it requires ongoing attention to a large number of things for results. That is where we fit in.

If you have a tourism business and would like to have a free meeting let us know and we will try to schedule one with you. No obligation or hard sell! Just contact us or phone Ron Egan or Sue Dorrington on 07 866 3929

Does Your Site “Perform” for you

We are constantly working with website owners to help ensure that their websites really “perform” for them.

That is much more than just having a site that works technically. Firstly, it needs to be found by users on the Internet. And when users do get to the site, it is about ensuring that they have a great experience in order to encourage them to “buy”.
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