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Take Time to Review your Website

If things are quieter now (or less frantic than other times), then it is a great time to have a good look at your website and how it is performing. Do all the things you have intended to do before but were too busy to do during summer or the things that you weren’t really bothered to do. Not just your website but anything related to it and your Internet prescence.

Your website is very, very important. It represents your business to the world and in most instances, is your most valuable marketing tool. Check it out and fix or improve anything that you can.

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6+ things we dislike about websites – useability

You may think I am being picky, but…

We have recently been researching some travel and found a number of things that make life harder for the user, and therefore less likely to make a booking with the difficult sites.

Here are some things I think web sites can do way better – in other words, what do I hate (or dislike or find really frustrating as a user?)

Note, I have focussed on accommodation but found similar frustrations with Tour companies, Tourist Information sites, Rental Car companies and other sites Continue reading

What the heck do we do?

We have had some great compliments about our newsletter as well as a number of new clients who have built their knowledge and understanding through our articles.

It is hard to explain what we at Net Action do and how we can help but hopefully our articles help with your understanding of some issues you hadn’t even considered. And the sort of things we can assist with.

If you have any issues, concerns or aspirations for making your website perform better for you, please get in touch. We can assist with almost anything including a whole lot of things that you are probably not even aware of. Just ask what we can do for you. Or check out our services, case studies and testimonials at

For more info just reply to this or phone Ron Egan or Sue Dorrington on 07 866 3929

Website redevelopment brief

How do you go about asking developers for quotes for redeveloping your site?

This article has tips about what you need to tell them and questions to ask during the process. The better the brief, the better result you are likely to get with the least stress.


Of course, involve us in the process too because we can ensure that your site remains search engine friendly through this process (sadly that doesn’t always happen). We can also offer lots of ideas about what works for users. We have been through loads of site redevelopments with our clients

The developer will build the site, we will make sure that it works well for you throughout the Internet with maximum exposure and impact.


What does Net Action do?

We are often asked to explain what we do that is different to others.

Net Action Ltd, which runs, primarily ensures that your site and business have the best Internet presence that they can. Increased sales to you is the end goal from this.

Search Engine Optimisation is at the core of our work but just looking back at the last week, here are some of the many things that we have dealt with for clients.
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Wix versus WordPress

We have met a couple of people recently who have developed new websites using Wix as an alternative to WordPress, currently more or less the default norm. Joomla, Modex and other platforms are used by some developers but not to the same extent as WordPress at the moment.

If you are considering using Wix for a web site, you might like to read this article which compares the features of Wix versus WordPress.

Our impression is that it is very easy to use (drag and drop) and has its place, but is less powerful and versatile than WordPress. There may also be challenges in terms of Search Engine Optimisation, which we consider to be very important. Both Wix and WordPress are free to use.

Horse for courses…

Adobe Flash Issues. The end of Flash?

If you are using Firefox as your browser you will have noticed numerous web sites do not fully work until you manually activate Adobe Flash. Trying to install the Flash upgrade also may not work. Flash is frequently used to display streaming video, advertisement and interactive multimedia content on web pages – the whole site will not be broken but images and video might be.

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Meeting re SEO and your website

In August and September we will be in Rotorua, Taupo, the south of the North Island, Picton, Blenheim, Kaikoura, Christchurch, Tekapo, Wanaka, Queenstown, and Westland.

Would you like to know how we might be able to assist you to make your website perform better on the Internet? We do a whole range of things that you probably don’t even know that your website needs. It goes way beyond just strict SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

You can see some of the things that we do on our website at Read testimonials at and case studies at We do a much more as well.

A face to face meeting will explain whole lot more and also give you some feedback and advice about what your own site might benefit from.

A website is not passive – it requires ongoing attention to a large number of things for results. That is where we fit in.

If you have a tourism business and would like to have a free meeting let us know and we will try to schedule one with you. No obligation or hard sell! Just contact us or phone Ron Egan or Sue Dorrington on 07 866 3929