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  • Google Glass & Wearable Devices
  • Windows 8
  • Facebook Privacy Settings
  • Facebook Mobile Ads
  • Microsoft Aquires Nokia
  • More Ads on your devices?

Google Glass & Wearable Devices

It seems that the uptake of new “wearable digital technology’ like Google Glass or the Samsung Smart watch is not as good as manufacturers may have hoped for.

One reviewer on the net wrote about 7 days of using Google Glass for any task that it could execute.

Some interesting points emerged like

The wife factor – his wife refused to be seen in public with him wearing his Google Glass

Lack of security – if lost all info was available to the finder of the glasses

Limited power – only about 20 minutes when turned on

The need to connect to the Internet via an Android phone as the data connection (so no good it you are an Apple user)

Poor voice recognition (that is the main way to communicate with it) affected by accents and other things.

I predict the challenge of getting adequate power to these devices will be solved quite quickly and lead to a whole new range of small highly efficient power solutions.

Interesting reading at http://www.clickz.com/clickz/column/2335250/7-days-through-google-glass-the-experience

That aside, others predict the wearables industry to be worth $18 billion by 2018. The health & fitness markets are primarily leading market Growth.

And following on from Google Glass and a Diabetes monitor that Google developed using tears, they have filed for patents for Google contact lenses. These are expected to be some years away yet but could have application for blind people as well as normal contact wearers.


Windows 8

Another technology upgrade that has not gone as well as the developers expected its Microsoft’s Windows 8

Pretty much an operating system designed for touch devices, Microsoft has taken the unusual step of releasing a major update only a short time after the initial product release (v8.1). This is because many users don’t actually have touch screens and many more don’t want to use them, preferring more traditional keyboard and mouse. Users also did not like the opening screen layout, preferring the more traditional Windows screen layout and functionality.

Apparently Microsoft will be releasing more updates soon to cater for these preferences. Somewhat of a backward step for them but good that they are listening to users – doesn’t happen often from the big corporations like Google and Microsoft.

Facebook Privacy Settings

Many people are daunted by these and unsure about how to set up and manage them.

There is a simple article on Facebook privacy settings at


Facebook Mobile Ads

Apparently, Facebook is planning on launching their own Mobile Advertising network in order to take revenue from Google and Apple. It is expected that they will make use of the information in their database to deliver you more targeted ads based on what they know about you.


Microsoft Aquires Nokia

Microsoft has acquired Nokia for $US7.2 billion. That gives Microsoft a huge boost into the mobile market and a profile they have always wanted. Nokia phones will use Microsoft phone operating systems (Windows 8 phone). This will also strengthen Microsoft’s ability to deliver their own Bing Ads.


More Ads on your devices?

There is huge revenue being made from ads on your search results and devices. These are geographically and demographically targeted to you based on what Google and others know about you and your friends.

As mentioned above Facebook is also releasing its own advertising network. And Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia and use of Windows 8 on Nokia products should boost their ability to deliver their own Bing Ads.

So I predict that we are at the beginning of a Pay per Click battle between Microsoft, Google, Apple and Facebook, with each trying to make as much revenue as they can from these.

If you think there are a lot of ads now, I think you ain’t seen nothing yet. It is just the beginning as these companies try to maximise returns for shareholders!

It may just bring the cost per click of ads down though – Google Adwords have been getting way too expensive for many businesses to get a decent Return on Investment from them.

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