Automatic Submission Tools for 500,000 engines

This article written in 2001 but still valid in 2014 (apart from references to Alta Vista etc)! The scam continues still!

“I have visited your website and noticed is not listed on some search engines. I am sure that through our service the number of people who visit your website will definitely increase. We have unique technology that instantly submits your website to over 500,000 search engines and directories — a really low-cost and effective way to advertise your site.”

No doubt you will have received emails along these lines, everyone on the Net does!. We recommend you ignore them as they are just unsolicited sales messages sent out at regular intervals to email addresses harvested off the Net.

The problems with this type of offer include:
– usually your site is in fact listed in the search engines that matter but they haven’t actually checked.
– anyone who says they will submit your site to over 500,000 engines is obviously using some form of automatic submitting tool which is not recommended. Many engines are cracking down on these now so you can do your site more harm than good using them. AltaVista reports that since changing their submission process to block automated submission tools, submissions have dropped from 300,000 per day to 7500.
– there aren’t thousands of relevant search engines. The majority of Web surfers around the world use only a handful of portals for all their searches.
– most of the sites your site will get submitted to are likely to be Free For All (FFA) Listings ie unedited sites that accept anyone who submits a listing but attract few visitors–or none.
– you will also probably end up receiving even more unsolicited emails as a result of using these submission services.
– industry watchers say the other “thousands” of search engines are mainly a way to collect e-mail addresses from naive owners of new Web sites. These “hot” addresses can then be sold as prime prospects to spammers.