Booking Site Commissions

We have recently been travelling and meeting with a large number of our Net Action clients. It was great to get excellent feedback about our services and issues facing website owners.

One recurring theme was the concern of website owners about how much commission they are paying to booking sites like, Expedia and others.

We agree, but website owners also need to realise that the whole way that people get information and make bookings has changed greatly in the last 2 to 3 years. It is hard to compete with the impact and profile of these large sites – it is a case of use them or miss the business. Expect to see this increase further as sites like Tripadvisor try to maximise their return on investment further.

And consider that in the good ole days, you maybe paid a lot of money to be in printed media with limited distribution, or you paid travel agents and others to expose and sell your product. That is assuming you could actually convince them to do that for you.

So maybe this way is actually less effort for you? More bookings for less work perhaps? Whether it is or not, it is a reality for now.

The costs may just be reflected in a different part of your Profit and Loss statement. Commissions instead of advertising maybe? It would be interesting to compare those figures and the relative exposure and bookings achieved for your business.