Bully Sales Tactics

Following on from our “not quite scams” article last month…(see http://www.netaction.co.nz/newsletter.php?id=301)

We recently heard of several interactions with companies trying to sell AdWords campaigns or some sort of SEO or Internet Marketing work.

We can only describe their sales tactics as “extremely hard sell”, “heavy handed pressure selling” and “Bullying”.

We think they are often very unethical and totally overstep the mark of what is reasonable. Often their call involves seriously bad mouthing anyone else you might be dealing with. Sadly, this is from both overseas companies and theoretically reputable NZ companies. The rep seems to just want the sales commission and not care about the results. Often they want you to lock in to a long contract.

The other sad thing is that we know some of you will have been subjected to these calls and will have given in to them, thus paying for something you probably don’t need (or could get cheaper).

Our advice:

If you get a cold call like this (and there are many) tell them you are not interested and hang up on them.

If it is from a company you are already dealing with (locally or overseas), talk to the Sales Rep’s manager and ask for a new rep or account manager to be assigned to you. Tell them why.

It is your money you are spending. Spend it with someone you can have a good long term trusting relationship with who doesn’t give you an apoplexy every time you need to deal with them.