Company Change

For some years we have had our business split into two companies – Great New Zealand Ltd and Net Action Ltd

Great New Zealand Ltd owned and operated our online directory websites. Net Action Ltd was our Web Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Website Performance company

All having two companies has really achieved for us has been more paperwork – double the GST returns, annual accounts etc as well as interco transactions and journals. And it has created some confusion with clients about how the companies related.

So we decided to bring everything back under one company.

As of 31st March Great New Zealand Ltd, instead of being a separate entity, will become a trading division of Net Action Ltd.

Our websites will still operate the same, but any payments for Great NZ listings will be made to a Net Action bank account not a Great New Zealand one – that’s about the only difference it will make to anyone other than us.

We are still also available to assist you to help your website perform really well for you. This remains the primary focus of our business. Any listing you have with us is just one aspect of that.