Google Analytics re Robots and Ghost Referrers

Google Analytics is still being hit hard by robots and “ghost referrer” sites. This may be screwing your statistics data significantly. In the case of small sites, we have seen up to 80% of recorded traffic being from spam sites and robots. Larger sites are less affected proportionally.

To see if your stats are being affected:

Login to your Google Analytics
Have a look under Acquisition / All Traffic / Referrals

If you see sessions from sites like,,,, or similar then your stats are skewed. Your total site sessions, referrals and geographic data and more will be affected. Many of these spam sites will show as sessions from Brazil and Italy.

DO NOT click on the links to these sites – that is what they want you to do and may install malware on your computer if you do.

We are adding and updating filters to Analytics for all of our clients’ sites to exclude this spam from their stats. Currently we are excluding around 50 of these but the list grows daily.

It is becoming a serious problem for Google so we are hoping they will soon find a way to exclude these sites. It will not be an easy fix for them and their last fix was not effective.

I could get technical and tell you how and why the spammers are doing it but there is plenty of info online – search for “ghost referrers” or “referrer spam”

If you need help to identify and exclude this bad data from your Analytics stats, please contact us.