Google Analytics Robots Tracking Issue

Many website owners rely diligently on the accuracy of Google Analytics for site statistics.

Previously Analytics has arguably been more accurate than other statistics packages because Google said that it did not record visits from Robots, Crawlers and Spiders indexing your site (these are not real visitors but automated tools).

A number of months ago many of us in the SEO / Web marketing business noted increased visits from Brazil. This turned out to be visits from a Robot called Semalt.

Google added a setting to Analytics to exclude Robots, specifically hoping that it would exclude Semalt. We wrote about this in an article at

Sadly this setting does not seem to have worked and referrals from Semalt are still there – for now Semalt has outwitted Google. We have one large client site where Semalt visits account for around 10% of their total sessions.

Now that we know that the Google setting is ineffective we will be implementing an alternative method for our clients in order to increase the accuracy of their stats. It is more technical but more effective. If you want reliable stats you should consider it.

We can assist you to do this if you would like us to help