Google Mobile Friendly Website Test

Many of you will have received emails from Google telling you that your site is not mobile friendly and that as from 21 April it could lose ranking in mobile searches as a consequence.

You may also have received scaremongering calls from web developers telling you that disastrous things were going to happen on 21 April.

The world did not end on 21 April and you don’t need to panic about changing your site immediately.

You may be moved down the mobile search results because another more mobile friendly site is ranked higher than yours is. When you do get a mobile friendly site then Google should improve your ranking again. Note: this algorithm change only impacts mobile searchers using mobile smartphone devices and will have no impact on your desktop or tablet rankings.

However, having said that there is no need to panic, if your site is not mobile friendly, you should be planning on making it mobile friendly as soon as you can anyhow. You want users who look at your site on a smartphone or tablet to be able to get the information they need easily. Around 25-30% of users are now viewing on a mobile device. If redeveloping your website make sure it is rebuilt as “fully mobile responsive”

Have a look at how your site looks on a smartphone – is the writing big enough to read without zooming and scrolling the page? If not plan on getting a mobile responsive site soon.

Google has a tool to test whether your web pages are smartphone friendly at

Put in your page URL and see what it says. This test is done on a page by page basis, not site-wide. The tool is not perfect in that there are some conflicts between what Google wants and how some systems like WordPress work. Just because Google says it is bad (for them) doesn’t mean it is bad for users as well. Some great sites don’t pass the test.

More useful information about this important Google algorithm change is at

If you need help on interpreting what the Google tool is telling you, ask us. We can help.