Google Now Favours Mobile Friendly sites

Google has started informing site owners via their Google Webmaster Tools account if it thinks their site is not mobile friendly or has mobile usability errors. Whilst they are not penalising non-mobile friendly sites as such, they are promoting other sites over these. The effect is the same – your competitor’s mobile friendly site is likely to appear in search results above yours. Google’s new algorithm that will increase the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal is due out on 21 April 2015.

Here is the Google announcement re mobile friendly search results

and a link to their Mobile Friendly Test where you can test pages from your website

This is all part of Google’s drive to ensure users get the most relevant results when searching on mobile devices and help them discover more mobile-friendly content.

If your site is not mobile friendly, you need to consider what to do about that. Typically 25% – 30% of traffic to websites is now from mobile devices.

Options include setting up a separate mobi site alongside your main site, retrospectively upgrading your site to be mobile responsive or getting a new mobile responsive website. Certainly, your next website should be fully mobile responsive.

Can your site be read easily on all mobile devices including smartphones?

If you don’t have Google Webmaster Tools set up for your site, we can assist with that and many other issues. Just contact us for advice.