Google Plus / Google+

Google Plus is the second most used social media platform after Facebook and it is growing rapidly. Apparently, from June 2012 through to March 2013 its active users grew by 33%.

You can follow someone by clicking the “Follow” button on their Google Plus page and putting them in to one of your circles.

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Page owners are notified when this happens and can then choose to put you in one of their circles, thus following you too.

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It can be hard to identify whom you are following that is not also following you in return. Google thinks people should follow you because you have useful content, not just because you followed them first.

But there are products becoming available to help you to find this out if you want to know. Circloscope is an add-on in Google’s Chrome browser that does this. We haven’t tried it but it says that the paid version lets you do this for Google+ business pages as well as personal ones.