Google Top Searches 2014

Google recently released its list of top 2014 searches – unsurprisingly much the same as the 2013 list apart from topical news items.

Most Googled terms for kiwis: –

On the ‘How to’ list:
how to dream?
how to twerk?”

Number one on the “who is?” list was Jesus.

On the ‘Where is’ list:
Where is Gallipoli?
Where is Glasgow?

Other top searches

The referendum for Scottish independence. Fifa World Cup, followed by actor Robin Williams, Malaysia Airlines, iPhone 6 and actor Jennifer Lawrence

Kiwi news searches included

Malaysian Airlines Crash, Cyclone Lusi, Ukraine News, Robin Williams’ Death and Ebola Outbreak.

Lorde topped the list of most searched Kiwis, and Mona Dotcom made the list but Kim didn’t – I guess he was in the news so much that people already knew what they wanted to about him.

For food it was pancakes, banana cake, chicken recipes, cupcake, mince, chocolate cake, lasagna, brownie, slow cooker and cheesecake

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