Great News re Rules for Google Adwords companies!!

We have been concerned for some time about the huge push to use Google Adwords and the lack of transparency of reporting from some companies running Adwords campaigns for clients along with highly aggressive sales techniques.

We have always said that any 3rd party company running an Adwords campaign should fully disclose both the management cost of running the campaign and the cost per click that you are paying to Google.

So great news that Google have updated their third party policy. From November it now requires companies running campaigns to disclose both of these things.

Specifically it states

“At a minimum, you must provide your customers with monthly performance reports that include data on costs, clicks, and impressions at the Google advertising account level. When sharing Google advertising cost data with customers, report the exact amount charged by Google, exclusive of any fees that you charge.”

And more such as :

No misleading claims about performance
No harassment and repeated cold calling to sign you up
No guaranteeing top placements
No pretending to be Google

All great stuff and ethical companies should have been doing this anyhow.!

We hope that this will bring Adwords companies into line, including several large, very aggressive NZ companies who have not been fully disclosing information to their clients.

If you are using a company to run an Adwords campaign for you and they are not telling you the actual cost per click for the search terms they are targeting for you, or are harassing you or anything, please direct them to the Google Third Party requirements at;

<a href=”;utm_medium=email&amp;utm_campaign=policy2.0″>;utm_medium=email&amp;utm_campaign=policy2.0</a>

And demand that they supply clear reports to you that comply with this policy.

If they don’t, report them to Mr Google.