Site Design Issues

There are a number of technical site design issues that can seriously impact the level of visibility of a Web site in the search engines ie both how well the site can be indexed by search engines and how it is ranked and displayed in the search results.

These include:

  • Use of “frames”
  • Use of dynamically generated pages only (especially in database sites)
  • Use of “Splash” or automatically refreshed pages
  • Links that will not allow engines to crawl inside the site
  • Java scripting
  • Use of Flash/Shockwave
  • Site content and page text
  • Appropriate and optimised page titles and Meta Tags etc in the page source
  • Hidden page text

There are work-arounds for all of these issues which may or may not be included in your site design already. If these issues still exist, then they need to be corrected prior to beginning work with the search engines and directories.

A quick site appraisal will enable us to determine if there are design issues needing to be resolved. We are then able to recommend appropriate solutions. Without appropriate work-arounds, your site may look great but not work as well in search engines and on the Internet as it could.