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NZ Website Credit Card hack / skimming

Hackers have recently skimmed credit card details from scores of NZ online stores. These include sports and book stores and online pharmacies. Worldwide there are around 6000+ sites affected by this malware.

The hack exploits a vulnerability in unpatched Magento Shopping carts on sites.

If you think you have purchased from a site which uses a Magento shopping card, contact your bank. If your site uses Magento as it’s shopping cart back end contact your developer.

And if you are using any other shopping cart on your site check to make sure that it is fully up to date and secure.

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Password security – have you been hacked?

Many major companies have had their databases hacked and info stolen (eg Adobe, various banks and credit companies, govt agencies).

How do you know if you are on a hacked list that is now public?

We have found a site that checks against the main known hacked lists and tells you if you are on them.

The site is

As far as I can see from checking and reading about it, it is a safe site to use but make your own decision (we checked it and we are there for the Adobe hacked list – we have registered Adobe products previously).

Ransomware Hacking

The latest hacking trend seems to be to hijack your computer, then encrypt your files so you can’t read them. Then demand a ransom to un-encrypt them. This can be from hundreds to thousands of dollars.


And of course if you pay up once they may do it to you again or not fix them for you.

Regularly backing up your data is the best protection! Do you do that?

Also run reliable, regularly updated Antivirus and security software.

Search for “protection from ransomware” for information about how to prevent it happening to you.

Credit Card Security on websites

A number of people have been scammed and their credit card details stolen on a fake site offering KFC home deliveries. The card details are taken, the food never arrives, and by then the card details have been on sold to the crooks who empty it out.

If ordering anything online make sure that you know that the site is legitimate and that any purchase forms are secure – ie have https: in the url and the padlock symbol.

By the way – KFC apparently do not deliver in NZ.

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Yahoo killing passwords?

Are you sick of having all those passwords? A new Yahoo app aims to get rid of those by sending a notification to a user’s smartphone.

Not sure if that will work well or not but it is aimed at making things easier for Yahoo mail users and attracting more customers to this.

Yahoo mail had 190 million users in August 2015 while Google Gmail had 411 million and increasing.
More market dominance by Google!

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Microsoft XP Support finished

Most users will know that from April 8 2014, support and updates for Windows XP are no longer available. The XP operating system has reached the end of it’s Support life from Microsoft.

This has largely been communicated in such a way as to “encourage” Windows XP users to upgrade to a new computer.

But what does this actually mean?

Your computer will not suddenly stop because of this!

New programmes you install may not be compatible with Windows XP

There could be some security issues that Microsoft will not be fixing with automatic updrades.

However, on the whole, if your XP computer still works fine, and you have good security software installed, you should be OK to continue using it.

As always, be vigilant about having up to date Antivirus and security software and strong regularly changed passwords. See our articles on passwords at