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Welcome to our January 2017 Great New Zealand / Net Action Tourism Web Marketing newsletter.

We (Net Action Ltd) can help you with anything to do with your website or Internet presence. We don’t build sites but do pretty much everything else! We make it all easier for you.

Happy New Year, we hope that the season has been good to you and that the coming year looks positive. How about you review your website? Get in touch with us for any help to get it really working for you.

In this newsletter:

    • Online Booking systems and channel managers
    • More on Scams
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Online Booking Systems and Channel Managers

We are often asked about options for online booking systems and channel managers etc for websites

Here are some of the more commonly used ones by NZ tourism operators. All offer a range of services and have different pricing, so check their website in case we have missed something in our very brief summary.

Most booking systems and channel managers can be integrated with any website – ie, you may be able to have a website from one developer and a booking system from elsewhere.

Some systems may be more suitable for accommodation providers, some more for activities or tour operators.

In case you do not know what different systems do, here is a summary.

Online booking systems allow users to make bookings with you securely and directly from your own website

Channel Managers allow you to integrate and update availability and bookings between your site and external providers like Booking.com, Travelbug etc.

Property management systems further integrate booking systems with day to day property management functions such as accounting and housekeeping and marketing.

Itinerary management systems provide an easier way for Tour operators to create itineraries and make bookings.

In no particular order, some providers and systems to consider include

Seekom / Ibex
Online booking system, Channel Manager and Websites.

ResBook Booking system
Online booking system, Channel Manager and Websites.

Strait Reservations
Online Booking system, Channel Manager and Property Management system

Welman Technologies
Online booking system, Channel Manager and Websites.

Online booking system, Channel Manager and Websites.

Book It
Online booking system

Reserve Goup
Websites and online booking system

Tour writer
Itinerary Management and Accounting

More on Scams

As always there are numerous scams out there, most trying to steal your email address and password, or overcharging you for something that you may or may not need. They may be by email or snail mail – post.

The last overcharging scam we have seen is a renewal notice/invoice from an organisation called PTMO – Patent & Trademark Organisation. Their scam is to overcharge you for a trademark renewal – on a trademark that you may or may not have and which may not be due for renewal.

As always, if you get an invoice from someone you are not 100% sure about;

Check the amount and what they are charging you for.
Make sure it is for a service you need and do not get from elsewhere
Read the fine print – some may lock you in for a long period
Do not give away passwords or anything else

For more information on various scams, search for “New Zealand scams” (or similar search phrases) in your preferred search engine.

Newsletter Content

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