January 2013 Newsletter

Welcome to our January 2013 Great New Zealand newsletter. Happy New Year!

In this newsletter:

  • Site Audit Results
  • Things to act on this year
  • Checking your site status
  • Mobilisation
  • Social media
  • Adwords or Pay per Click maybe?
  • Latest headlines what is the feeling on the Net?
  • Free WiFi

Site Audit Results

In November I offered a free site audit to anyone interested in identifying any potential issues related to recent Google changes and the “new” Internet environment.

What an interesting exercise!

Some observations…

A few people were highly grateful for what I did for them.

Some never even responded or thanked me seems perhaps there is no perceived value in something that is not paid for?

There were similar issues with most of the sites that I audited.

Most did not have any totally critical issues that might have impacted severely with Google. However, all had issues that needed addressing in order to maintain “current best practice”. If not addressed, these could affect them in future.

Almost none of them have acted on the recommendations. There is no point asking for advice, analysing statistics or anything else if you are not prepared to act on what you find!

In almost every case (and in the case of other sites I have looked at), I estimate that there is 10-15 hours of work required (by us, them or their developer) to fix the main and obvious issues. And more ongoing work required keeping up with the changing environment.

The Internet is a different beast to what it was 10 years, 2 years or even 2 months ago. It is critical that the mindset of many site owners changes to adapt to the new environment.

Start getting your heads around the fact that things are different and it is no longer acceptable just to “get your site up and then ignore it”. You now need to be proactive and stay up to date.

That may mean spending some money on expertise and putting in time. Sorry, but that is the new reality of the net.

Be pro-active about this and stay ahead.


Crucial things you must consider and probably act on this year are

Checking your site status

How does your site suit the changed environment? How do you stand now? When did you last look at it or update it? Are there any “Panda” issues re your site? Is your site producing any duplicate content or have a lot of bad links to it (link farms or links from auto-submission tools used in the past)? Are there things you should be addressing?


Mobilisation / mobile compatibility of your web site

Many people are using smart phones and tablets etc for browsing now, especially for local tourism information. And making bookings from these mobile devices.

Look at your site on a phone or tablet if you can. Or have a look at it at


or one of the other mobile device emulators on the net. Not as good as looking on a phone but you can see what it probably looks like. If the text is very tiny, or requires lots of scrolling, people probably won’t be bothered with it. You will likely need a mobile version of your site sooner rather than later. Something with big writing and clear navigation not requiring scrolling or zooming when viewed on a phone


Engagement with social media – at least Google +

This will take some time and you may need assistance with it. But it is a big part of the new Internet environment, particularly with Google’s push to make Google + more used and important than Facebook and others. Google + engagement can assist in your search engine rankings.


Google Adwords or other Pay per click

Other things you may need to consider include spending money on Google Adwords or other Pay per Click (PPC) programmes. Search rankings may now vary from computer to computer depending on what search engines know about you – they tailor results accordingly. Adwords and PPC may end up being the only way that you can guarantee top or high positioning on search result pages. There was apparently an 11% increase in PPC in the last year.


We can help you with all of these things – just contact us to find out how.


Internet Headlines

What is the buzz on the net?

So with changes on the net, what are the things people are talking about?

I thought I would just let you have some of the headlines so you could get the feel of what is being said about the changing environment. (SEO means Search Engine Optimisation – a small part of what is now called Inbound Marketing)

I guess to summarise it would be that people are increasingly concerned about Google’s power and monopoly position and their moves to lock everyone in to their products and to monetise things as much as possible (e.g. Adwords). Because of this there are lots of changes people need to make and nobody knows what Google will change next. There is a lot of suspicion and uncertainty.

Here are a selection showing the “mood” and issues:

Google causes a lot of hurt to webmasters in 2012
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10 Old SEO Methods You Need to Stop
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How to Write Title Tags For Search Engine Optimisation
Bare Minimum SEO: 3 Things You Must Do
Sneaky Footer Links and Other Footer Abuses That Google Dislikes
Top 10 Google Tools For Your Business
Reduce Bounce Rate: 20 Things to Consider
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9 Ways to Rock Twitter
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5 Trends Shaping SEO & Content Marketing in 2013
How to Create a Social Media Editorial Calendar
7 Time-Saving Google Analytics Custom Reports
Worldwide Social Media Usage Trends in 2012
Social Media ROI: How To Define a Strategic Plan
13 New Year’s Resolutions Every Marketer Should Make in 2013
Local Search Plus Social Media to Obliterate Your Competition

So while you are tucked up with a good book, look at the really riveting stuff we are reading to keep up with things.! Sad eh! But necessary for us to keep up with the game.

Most articles focus largely on Google very little about any other engines like Bing. Now that the word “Googling” and “Google it” are ensconced in our vocabulary, perhaps we need to start saying “Just Bing it” or “search it” and take the mental emphasis off Google. There are other search engines out there and they could do with a bit of a push to try to reduce the monopoly that Google has. Healthy competition, if it comes back, can only improve the user experience on the Net.


Free Wifi?

While we are on the topic of healthy competition, if you are an accommodation provider and offer Internet access – why not make it free (with an appropriate usage cap). You might be surprised how many visitors use free Wifi as a decision-maker in their choice of property. A 2011 Trip Adviser survey showed it to be the most important additional amenity for travellers

See TripAdvisor Traveller Survey

Be proactive on this too, make your customers really happy, and get a competitive break on the guys down the road!

That’s enough for now! We hope some of it was useful or thought provoking.

Talk to us about help with anything related to your website – we can assist you, facilitate the process, or recommend a way forward for you. Web Marketing and helping you to improve your website visibility is our core business.

Email or call us and have a general no obligation discussion about your site and any issues.

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