January 2015 Newsletter


Welcome to our January Great New Zealand / Net Action Tourism Web Marketing newsletter.

In this newsletter:

  • Google Analytics – Robots
  • .nz domain names and domain records
  • Google Analytics Benchmarking
  • NZ Site Hack Attacks Up
  • Google Maps
  • Facebook

.nz domains & domain records

Have you registered or reserved your .nz domain name yet?  And are your domain records up to date? If not get onto it now.  You only have until 30 March to protect your .nz domain name.  If your domain record is not correct this may need dealing with first and that may take some time depending who your registrar is. It can get pretty complicated in some cases.

We can assist you with this if need be.

Google Analytics – Robots

It seems that Google is still having problems excluding Robots from their Analytics statistics. Robots are automated “crawlers” that are indexing websites, usually for search engines – they are not real live users so can bias your site usage statistics.

Previously Semalt.com was the main robot Google was trying to exclude. We monitor our clients’ Analytics stats regularly and have also identified unwanted visits from 7makemoney.com and buttons-for-website.com. Urlopener is another that is appearing (this is not really a robot but it is not wanted in stats data).

For one client, visits from these robots has amounted to almost 1/3 of their recorded traffic in a period, while for some other clients it is minimal. It can vary from month to month.

We are adding manual filters for these for clients in order to keep their statistics as accurate and meaningful as possible. But there is a limit to how many filters are worth adding or are reasonable to do.

Google needs to find a way to resolve this before their statistics become really meaningless. In the meantime we can help you to exclude these robots if you wish.

Google Analytics Benchmarking

Clients have often asked us if there is a way to compare their site performance against others in the same industry.

Well, since May 2014, Google Analytics has had a benchmarking report that we have been testing for several clients.

Unfortunately it seems that this is way too broad to be of much use – it is only NZ wide and only breaks down to quite broad categories like “Hotels and Accommodations” or Car Rental & Taxi Services” .

So it seems to be too general really to see anything very useful.

Hopefully Google will get much more specific in the future and it will be something that is more meaningful as a benchmarking tool.

NZ Site Hack Attacks Up

School holidays have seen an increase in hacking attacks on websites – seemingly kids with good IT knowledge and lots of spare time attacking sites that annoy them or are high profile, or sometimes just “because they can” and have nothing better to do. Wellington Cricket and Christchurch Star are two sites that were attacked.


Google Maps

Google is currently mapping the Grand Canyon using street view cameras (18kg of gear) strapped to the back of walkers. Soon you won’t need to actually travel and visit anything – just look at it on Google Maps instead!


Facebook went down this week sending many of their billion plus users into a tailspin. Some apparently even read books!

Facebook is also doing more with interpreting users’ psychological traits – trying to get even cleverer at measuring your personality based on your likes etc. Why?  So that they can more accurately targed advertising at you. They claim that they know users better than their friends do from 70 likes. More than 150 likes and they claim to know a user better than parents or siblings do. But it takes 300 likes before they know you better than your spouse. Users average around 227 likes so the spouse still wins!

You can do a free online test that will help them match their results and refine their methods for measuring everything about you (if you really want that or think it is a good idea).


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