July 2014 Newsletter

Welcome to our July 2014 Great New Zealand / Net Action Tourism Web Marketing newsletter.

In this newsletter:

  • Help a great cause
  • Technology helps in Kenya – electricity from dance!
  • Kids helping us oldies with technology
  • We will help spread the word about your product – write us an article
  • We can help your website to work better for you – meet with us to see how.

The theme of this newsletter seems to be “help” – helping others, help from technology and more..

Help Linda – Support Dry July Fundraising for Cancer Facilities

If going without your favourite glass of vino for an entire month sounds like really hard work, spare a thought for the thousands around New Zealand who are doing just that to raise money to make life just a little easier for adult cancer patients. The fundraising campaign is called Dry July and the aim is to raise lots of $’s to pay for some creature comforts, such as I-pads in the chemo wards, to help pass the hours for patients during their treatment time. Long standing NZ Tourism Industry member Linda Jenkins is “on the wagon” to support this great cause. If you would like to help her raise $’s, here’s the link to her donation page:

She’s raised over $1000 so far with just one week to go – please make her day and send her cause a donation this week. Any amount gratefully welcomed.

Technology helps in Kenya – Electricity from dance!

This is a cool story about how technology could help in Kenya and other countries where music is alive but electricity isn’t. In Kenya about 75% of people do not have access to electricity. But they love their music and dance.

So someone has invented a musical shaker called the Spark. As it is shaken the beads not only make noise but also charge a battery. 12 minutes of shaking can then run a light bulb for an hour via a USB port. Or the charge can be used for phone charging or other things too. How good is that?


A less heartwarming aspect of the kinetic energy technology is that the armies are trialing the recharging of batteries for all their soldiers weapons and other “toys” from movement of the soldiers boots.

Kids helping us with technology

When many of us get stumped with the rapidly changing technology we look around for the nearest kid to show us how to make it work. Anyone over about 4 years old will probably do!

But we still have something over them. Kids can work all the new things but often can’t figure out the old fashioned things like old phones, cassette tapes and more. There was even a YouTube clip at one stage showing a very young child trying to swipe a magazine to get to the next page!

This article is about some of the really low-tech stuff that stumps kids. A couple of great photos too!


We will help spread the word about your product – write us an article

We have Google Plus page and a Blog for Great New Zealand. We will put an article on these for you.

We know there are some great innovative tourism products out there as well as some more traditional ones with interesting “back stories”. Or people in the industry with interesting passions and “back stories”

If you write us a short article of up to 300-400 words about an interesting aspect of your product or background, we will put it on our Great NZ Blog and Google Plus page. Links from the article to your site are considered worthwhile citations in the eyes of Google and can help with your site rankings.

The content of your article that we will publish is likely to be about an innovative product, local history of your area, or something interesting about your background etc. Articles should focus on providing information, tips, items of interest, tell a story and provide additional value – they should not just be a listing for your business.

For example, you might be a B&B or restaurant with an olive oil plant and tastings. Tell us about your olive oil in that case.

Or a dive company writing about the marine life where you take your dive tours.

Maybe you have a heritage building with an interesting restoration story or history. Or some interesting cuisine speciality or location.

Human interest stories welcome – if you have a real skill or passion about something related to your business or tourism, let us know about it.

What is your point of difference?

Anything considered – let us know what you would like to write about and we will let you know if we like the idea and would like the article. When we publish your article it is free publicity for you.

The article will go on our Tourism Blog at http://www.greatnewzealand.co.nz/blog/

Your article will also be posted on our Google Plus page at

Please note – if you follow us on Google+ and let us know if you have a Google Plus page, then we will mention you too.

We can help your website to work better for you.

During August and September we are travelling around the country visiting clients and anyone interested in how website optimisation can assist their tourism website and business.

Our meeting schedule is filling fast but we probably still have space for meetings in Rotorua, Wanganui, Kapiti Coast, Wellington, Wanaka, Queenstown, Westland, Christchurch and Kaikoura. And possibly Nelson, Hanmer, Wairarapa and the Hawkes Bay.

So, if you are serious about ensuring that your website is working as well as possible in Search Engines and elsewhere on the Internet, let us know and we will try to schedule a ‘no obligation’ meeting with you. Serious enquiries from Tourism businesses only please. No “tyre kickers” please!

Information about who we are and what we do is at http://www.netaction.co.nz

The Great New Zealand suite of websites is operated by Net Action Ltd, specialists in Tourism website optimisation and performance.

As always, please contact about any website or internet issues. We look forward to hearing from you.

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