Keep your Domain Name records up to date

We are currently working with several clients to obtain their new .nz domain names.

This has again highlighted the issue of keeping the contact information for your domain record up to date. If it has out of date information, then you may have problems updating the record now or in the future. In some cases resolving this is resulting in a kind of never-ending cyclical trap because the email address associated with the record no longer exists.

Check out your domain name record at Put your domain name in and search (top left)

Look at the results.

If the registrant and/or administrator email address is out of date, it must be updated. It should also be an “enduring” email address. Do not use any address that may go out of date if a staff member leaves your organisation. (like

To update this information, contact whomever you pay for your domain name registration.

Also, have you done anything yet about reserving your .nz domain name? You have until March but don’t forget to do it if you want it. Leave time in case your domain record needs sorting out first. Check at to see if you have Preferential Rights to it.

If you get stuck we can help you.