Keep your WordPress site up to date

We have recently seen a number of WordPress sites where the version of WordPress and various associated plugins are out of date. Out of date versions can mean security loopholes are not closed and your site could get hacked. We have recently seen 4 sites get hacked.

It is important that your WordPress installation is kept up to date with any version updates. Who is doing this for you? Does your developer have a process for proactively managing this for you?

There are settings that will allow your core WordPress files to update automatically. However this should only be done where these files have not been changed in the development process and child themes are used. That probably doesn’t mean much to you – but do check it out. Ask your developer or us for assistance or clarification on this

Also, while checking this out, find out who has a complete backup of your site? You should know this so that you don’t lose your site if servers go down or your site is hacked and needs restoring. No backup may mean a new website built from scratch again! You know how much time, effort and cost that involves! Be prepared and have the backup!