March 2014 Newsletter

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  • New Google Ad symbol
  • Most Common & Stupid Passwords
  • Domain Name for Sale
  • Company Change
  • Buying Fake Reviews / Likes / Follows

New Google Ad symbol

You may have noticed that Google has added a yellow “Ad” icon next to Google Ads at the top of search results (may not be in all regional versions of Google but is in

Until now, many people have been unaware that the first few listings on a search results page were actually Google Adwords ads – ie paid advertising.

So we think it is great that Google is now identifying them clearly as such.

We don’t have a problem with them displaying ads but have always thought that users have a right to know whether they are clicking on ads or real search results. Now, at last it is clear. Good move Mr (or Mrs) Google!

Most Common and Stupid Passwords

Following on from previous articles, what are the most common (and therefore also the least secure passwords?

Believe it or not they are


as well as

pet names
dates of birth
family names
sports team
names of “significant others”

You get the picture – real simple ones!

So it is a no brainer that a hacker is going try all of these first. Its real easy to break into your site or blog if your login is also admin or maybe your business name.

Perhaps it is time to toughen up your system?

In short, to improve your security:-

Longer passwords are way more secure than short ones (should be min 8 characters but 12 is much stronger)
Mix upper and lower case letters with numbers and symbols
Don’t use the same password for more than one thing
Combine a good password with a good (obscure) login name as well

Last month’s article suggests a way to create passwords that you can remember. See domain for sale is a domain name that we have for sale.
If you are interested acquiring, please contact us.

Company Change

For some years we have had our business split into two companies – Great New Zealand Ltd and Net Action Ltd

Great New Zealand Ltd owned and operated our online directory websites. Net Action Ltd was our Web Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Website Performance company

All having two companies has really achieved for us has been more paperwork – double the GST returns, annual accounts etc as well as interco transactions and journals. And it has created some confusion with clients about how the companies related.

So we decided to bring everything back under one company.

As of 31st March Great New Zealand Ltd, instead of being a separate entity, will become a trading division of Net Action Ltd.

Our websites will still operate the same, but any payments for Great NZ listings will be made to a Net Action bank account not a Great New Zealand one – that’s about the only difference it will make to anyone other than us.

We are still also available to assist you to help your website perform really well for you. This remains the primary focus of our business. Any listing you have with us is just one aspect of that.

Buying Fake Reviews / Likes / Follows

We provided a warning last month about buying fake reviews on TripAdvisor. Since then numerous organisations like Tourism NZ and Tourism Coromandel have repeated the warning.

So just a reminder – don’t be tempted, Trip Advisor will not tolerate fake reviews and your site will suffer if they find any.

Similarly you should not buy follows or likes on any other Social Media sites. It is not legitimate and it is being watched for.

Please contact us with any questions about your website or the Internet – we can assist you with lots of things to help your site perform. Just ask us what we can do or tell us your issues!

For any updates to any listings you might have with us, just email us.
Best regards

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Net Action Ltd and Great New Zealand Ltd
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