March 2015 Newsletter


Welcome to our March 2015 Great New Zealand / Net Action Tourism Web Marketing newsletter.

We (Net Action Ltd) can help you with anything to do with your website or Internet presence. We don’t build sites but do pretty much everything else! We make it all easier for you.

In this newsletter:

  • .nz domain names – only 13 days till deadline
  • Google Favours Mobile Friendly sites
  • Google Analytics and Robots
  • Google Adwords Return on Investment

.nz domain names

This is a reminder that you have until 30 March to reserve or register the .nz version of your domain name. That is, if you have you may want to also get the new domain.

If you reserve this, you have until 30 Sept 2016 to decide if you want to register and keep it. It is free to reserve it until then and in the meantime it is protected for you.

We are recommending to all of our clients (and you) that they reserve their .nz domain name (s). Its unlikely that you will want to change over to this new domain for your website in the short term, but it is important to protect it.

There is a process that you need to follow to reserve your domain. Info on this is at There you can see if you have automatic rights to the name or if you have a conflict of rights with others.

If you do not do this before 30 March 2015 the name is then available to anyone on a first-come, first- served basis – your competitor could get your .nz name if they wish.

Only 13 days to go – do it now!

Completing this process for our clients has highlighted some serious issues with domain records. You should check and correct anything on your record(s) if required.

Go to to check your domain record(s)

There are two critical things to ensure are correct.

1) The most important thing is the Registrant Contact Email address for your domain name. This is effectively who owns the domain name.

The address needs to be correct and enduring – ie not that of a staff member who is likely to move on. Use something for the business like

If this email address goes out of date it can be extremely hard and time consuming to change. For one client it took almost 3 months of calls, emails and faxes with one of NZ’s major telecom companies to change this information.

2) The other most important thing to ensure remains active is your login / contact address with whoever is looking after your domain name. For example, your account login email address at Freeparking, Discount Domains, Godaddy or whoever.

If this email address goes dead, you will not receive renewal notices and your domain name could expire without you knowing about it.

We have had instances of people losing critical domain names because they did not receive renewal notices.

Our recommendations:

1) Check your domain record now.

2) Do not use a staff email address for your domain record Registrant or Admin contact email address or for your Registrar account logins.

3) Watch your email for notices about your domain name – do not delete things you are unsure about regarding your domain name – some of these emails are critical!

4) Reserve or register your .nz domain now.

We can help you with this if required. We need a minimum of approx 45 minutes of chargeable time to check your domain and reserve your .nz name. We would inform you if it was more complicated and needed more time to make or facilitate the required changes. More than one domain would also take longer of course.

5) Beware of calls from some well known NZ Domain registrars regarding nz domain names – they are making cold calls to tell you that you must register your .nz domain name with them. However they are providing incorrect or incomplete information about the process in an effort to secure your business and lock you into them. It is verging on a scam at worst and at best is scaremongering and misinformation – somewhat unethical of them we believe and they should know better. Beware!

Contact us if you would like a check and assistance with your .nz domain or domain record.

Google Favours Mobile Friendly sites

Google has started informing site owners via their Google Webmaster Tools account if it thinks their site is not mobile friendly or has mobile usability errors. Whilst they are not penalising non-mobile friendly sites as such, they are promoting other sites over these. The effect is the same – your competitor’s mobile friendly site is likely to appear in search results above yours. Google’s new algorithm that will increase the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal is due out on 21 April 2015.

Here is the Google announcement re mobile friendly search results

and a link to their Mobile Friendly Test where you can test pages from your website

This is all part of Google’s drive to ensure users get the most relevant results when searching on mobile devices and help them discover more mobile-friendly content.

If your site is not mobile friendly, you need to consider what to do about that. Typically 25% – 30% of traffic to websites is now from mobile devices.

Options include setting up a separate mobi site alongside your main site, retrospectively upgrading your site to be mobile responsive or getting a new mobile responsive website. Certainly, your next website should be fully mobile responsive.

Can your site be read easily on all mobile devices including smartphones?

If you don’t have Google Webmaster Tools set up for your site, we can assist with that and many other issues. Just contact us for advice.

Google Analytics and Robots

We have reported in the past about visits from some robots recording in your Analytics statistics reports and biasing your sessions and referrals data.

We are seeing more and more of these escaping Google’s methods to try to exclude them. For one client these amounted to 30% of their traffic!

If you are seeing lots of sessions from Brazil it is probably visits from and not real visitors

Other robots and stats hijack sites that we have noted include;

Filters can be set up to remove these from your stats. Contact us for help on this if need be.

Google Adwords Return on Investment

If you are running an Adwords campaign, do you really know if it is worthwhile for you? How much is it costing you per booking from your Adwords campaigns? What percentage of a booking is that really? Is it more than the 15% you are paying to and others? Would you be happy with that?

We can look at this for you and ask some searching questions to give you a handle on whether it is worthwhile for you or is losing you money. Ask us.

That should be enough to keep you busy for now. We look forward to hearing from you if we can help with anything.

Best regards

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