May 2013 Newsletter

Welcome to our May 2013 Great New Zealand newsletter.

In this newsletter:

  • Google Plus Follows
  • TripAdvisor 2013 Certificates of Excellence
  • Don’t Buy Search Engine Submissions
  • Don’t Buy TripAdvisor & Online reviews
  • Free Site Audit

Google Plus (+)  

Follow us (Great New Zealand) on Google Plus and we will mention your site in a post! That’s good for your site in Google’s eyes as it is a “citation”!

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Google Plus (including your Business Page) should be an important part of your Google Strategy

We are now actively posting Tourism articles to our GNZ Google Plus Business Page and associated tourism blog on our site.

Google Plus works like Facebook but of course Google places much more emphasis on their own social media offering than Facebooks (the competitor).

Active use of Google Plus can enhance your Google search rankings whereas Facebook probably won’t.

If you follow us on Google Plus we will mention your business in a post and you will also receive notification of any new articles we post. You are welcome to share or link to these if you like (but please do not copy them as it creates duplicate content issues).

You can view our Google Plus page (and follow it) at

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If you have a Google + page let us know too and we will follow it.

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If you would like information or assistance with Google Plus, setting up a blog, or having articles written for your page, please contact us – we can help you!

TripAdvisor 2013 Certificates of Excellence

Congratulations if you got one of these – several of our clients have! If you got one it means you are rated in the top 10% of TripAdvisor listed businesses. Well done!

Let us know if you got one and we will mention your business too on our Google Plus Page too.

(and read the article below about TripAdvisor reviews)

Buying Search Engine Submissions.

Recently I have had lots of promotional material about a company called EnterUrl

They say:

“EnterURL will get a better Search Engine Rank for by submitting your site to over 500,000 Search Engines, Directories and Speciality Sites – but you must act Now! “

We have been working with the Internet since 1996 and our advice has always been:


No matter how cheap they are and what they say they will do, don’t use them.

There are not 500,000 directories and search engines you need, even if they do actually do submit to them (unlikely)!

In these days of Google Panda and Penguin, this can hurt your site more than ever when your site is added to low quality spam sites and link farms.

The thing that surprised me is that this service is promoted in what I would consider a reputable newsletter – I have emailed them to ask why. I guess they are just taking the advertising bucks.

If you need help with Search Engine rankings or issues, contact us to see how we can help using ethical methods.


Buying Trip Advisor & Online Reviews

Another one I had in a similar vein said

“Got Bad Reviews? Need good Reviews?”

The company ReviewShowCase offers to create a constant stream of good reviews for your business and post them all over the web. This company also seems to operate as

Another company identified by TripAdvisor, as doing this is


Any sort of false reviews of your business are considered to be serious abuse or fraud. Websites like TripAdvisor,, Bookit (TravelBug) etc all take a very hard line with people abusing the integrity of their review process by posting fake reviews.

TripAdvisor has zero tolerance of fraud.

Read what they say about it here

In news today, a senior executive of a major hotel chain has admitted posting over 100 anonymous reviews in recent years. TripAdvisor understandably are “not amused” and are investigating.

Don’t be tempted to do it at all. Instead make sure that your service is good enough so that great reviews will come naturally from your clients.

If you do get bad reviews, then respond to them in an appropriate non-aggressive manner. Talk to us if you want ideas about this.

Note – buying Facebook likes is also abuse.

Free site audit

Last year we offered some free site audits. Sadly most of those who took up the offer did not act on what we found for them.

So that was just a total waste of our time and theirs.

We are prepared to do this again, but we are going to be selective about who we do them for.

If you tell us you are interested, we will call and discuss your site with you and get some background info from you.

Then we will spend an hour doing a mini audit looking for any major issues or improvements.

We will follow that up with a call to discuss our findings with you.


If you have a tourism business


you really do want to know how to improve your internet presence and website


are you are actually prepared to act to make the improvements we suggest

then email or call Ron (07 866 3929) and let us know you are interested.

Acting on our findings will probably mean some of our time, some of your time and quite possibly some of your developer’s time to implement some technical changes required.

As an indication, most sites that we look at probably require 10-15 hours of work to tidy up all the issues and / or implement any suggested enhancements.

Most people don’t even know that there are things wrong that should be fixed or simple improvements that will help the site perform better.

Please don’t waste our time for asking for an audit if you are just “tyre kicking”! We really won’t appreciate that.

Obviously this takes us some time so we will need to be selective about how many we do – please don’t be offended if we turn you down – we just can’t do audits for everyone!

The Internet is constantly changing. You need to ensure you are keeping up with it. There are lots of things that we are able to help you with or to sort out for you!

If you would like to discuss your listings with us or anything else related to your Internet presence and website, and making it perform as well as possible for you, please contact us.

Best regards

Ron, Judie, Sue & the team at
Net Action Ltd and Great New Zealand Ltd
07 866 3929