New Domain Extensions

Written in 2001, still applies in 2014

There been a proliferation of new top level domains being made available during recent months eg .biz. .tv. .travel. Also domains in other languages. This has mainly come about because it is now more difficult to obtain the .com domain businesses may want.

But the problem is these new domain extensions are likely to just keep coming so long as the companies who sell them are making money. So if you start buying these new domains, where will you stop? . Personally I question the need for having these domains for your business especially if you are happy with the and/or .com domains you have.

And I can’t see that a .travel domain extension will necessarily help your web site to get found more easily. If your site has a good profile on the Net, people should be able to find it via the usual routes such as search engines, directories, links and listings on other sites etc. Or they will have your web address on your brochures, advertising etc.
If you have any other thoughts on using these new domains, I would be interested in your feedback.