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  • Stop press Jasons in Receivership
  • Have you been Scroogled?
  • Mobile Usage
  • Google Plus Assistance
  • Google Plus and Blog Articles
  • Web Site Assistance

Jasons Travel Media in Receivership

It has just been announced that Jasons Travel Media has gone in to Receivership.

What does this mean for you?

Well, if you have a Jasons website and/or are using the Jasons or Holiday Guide booking engine for your business, you need to think about a new website and a new booking engine. It is not known how long these may keep working for – that will depend on the receiver.

Important – They have already changed the way the booking system works. You need to know about this. See

Given the highly uncertain nature of their future (probably none), it is important that you make plans for change now to ensure website and booking engine continuity and the best possible transition of your Internet presence.

We can assist you with advice on a number of different aspects of this – please contact us now for more information.

Read the TVNZ article at

Have you been Scroogled?

No, it is not April Fools day though you might be excused for thinking that it is!

Microsoft has launched a new product range that is anti Google – “Have you been Scroogled?” Tee shirts and coffee mugs etc.

Being Scroogled refers to the fact that Google actively collects whatever data they can about you (via Gmail, YouTube use and any other Google account logins) in order to feed you targeted ads or use the information some other way at a later stage. (Facebook and others also collect your information)

Microsoft even has a dedicated retail site for selling this merchandise.

It is well worth a look for a laugh (or to scare you)!

Some of the slogans and descriptions for the merchandise

Scroogled I’m Watching You T-shirt

“Do you use Google Search? Or Gmail? Or Google Chat? Or Chrome? Then Google is watching you…all the time.”

and on the coffee mug:

“Keep Calm while we steal your data”

More from the site:

“A classic that shows the world that you’re tired of having your digital life monetized by Google.”

About the Spiders Web T Shirt:

“Google’s the spider. You’re the fly. You probably know what happens next. If you use Gmail, Google Search, Gchat or Google+, you’re a fly trapped in Google’s web.”

Why is Microsoft doing this?

Well, Google have about 67% of the search engine market share while Microsoft’s Bing still languishes at about 18%. Bing would love to be at the top so take every chance they can to try to knock Google down. After revelations about Google providing user data to the US National Security Association, Bing ramped up their attacks on underhanded use of data.

Whether they pass your data on to the NSA or not, they certainly do actively use that data to feed you, and any friends they know of, targeted Google Advertising. And they will undoubtedly find other uses for it later. Microsoft wants to scare you into stopping Google use and moving to them instead.

The main thrusts of Microsoft’s campaign are about:

1) Google showing paid ads (Adwords) rather than good search results – pay to rank.
2) Gmail practices – collection of contact information and going through emails to collect data so they can target advertising at you.
3) User Privacy and the sharing of information with App providers and others.
4) Spamming Gmail users with targeted ads that look like real emails
5) Spamming schools and students with ads that distract them from their studies.

Microsoft’s Scroogled retail site offers free shipping, free returns and, of course, a free analysis of everything Google is doing wrong.

I think you get the picture.

Big brother might not be watching you but Mr G most certainly is!

Read a full article about this at

Mobile usage

We keep telling you that Mobile usage is increasing and that you should have a mobile friendly website.

So here are some real figures from our own clients’ usage statistics.

On the whole mobile usage (phone & tablets) account for around 24–30% of site visitors.

These percentages are up around 9% from the same time last year.

The bounce rate (number of people who arrive at the site and go straight back out of it) is highest on mobile phones because non-mobilised sites are too small to read on these. So people don’t bother.

So you need to have a strategy for getting your site mobile friendly. We can assist you with this.

Google Plus

Google+ is Google’s own social network (& competitor to Facebook). But also much more importantly, Google Plus is what Google is using more and more to connect all of its products like YouTube, Google Maps, Images etc and as such it has more influence on Google’s overall rankings of your business in its search results.

So Google really wants you to use it. Like it or not, it is a case of “If you scratch their back, they may scratch yours”.

We can help you set up and manage your Google Plus business page and provide you with training and notes on how to use this.

View our G+ page at

Blog & Google Plus Articles

We have been doing regular posts on our Google+ and Blog pages about regions and tourist spots in New Zealand

Recent articles include

Charm of the Wild West Coast
Unleash yourself in Nelson
A Dream Holiday in New Zealand
Waiheke Island is a Treat for All Your Senses
Experience the Diversity of the Waikato Region
Enjoy the Charming Vibe of Hawke’s Bay

and lots more..

Follow, share or +1 the articles on Google Plus at

or view them directly on the Blog at

And let us know if you would like to link to any of these from your site.

Web Site Help – Web Marketing & SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Services

We offer a range of services and advice via our sister company Net Action Ltd. Still us but just the other specialist part of our business under a different name.

There are a range of things that we help our clients with related to their websites and online marketing. We can especially make a difference for new tourism businesses or after any major changes such as ownership. And those redeveloping their web sites when there are a number of areas that need to be watched to maintain effectiveness on the Internet, many of which frequently get missed in redevelopment.

Your website is an extremely important part of your marketing mix – make sure it gets al the attenion it deserves and benefits you as much as it can.

Contact us and ask us anything about your site – we are happy to have a discussion about the issues and how we can help you.

Let us help you with the things that are too hard, too time consuming, or that you don’t understand.

We hope there was useful information in this newsletter, maybe you even got a laugh!

Please contact us about anything in this newsletter, your listing with us, or any website issues.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

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