October 2013 Newsletter

Welcome to our October 2013 Great New Zealand / Net Action Tourism Web Marketing newsletter.

In this newsletter:

  • Why people come to NZ
  • Windows Snipping Tool
  • Google Cookies
  • Chinese Tourists

Why People Come to NZ

We thought it would be interesting to find out why people want to come to NZ. So we asked a couple of “foreigners” to write and article for us.

Kristee from the Philippines has a bucket list to do here and Priyanka from India wants to bring the family for various reasons.

Their articles on our blog at http://www.greatnewzealand.co.nz/blog/ and also linked from our Google + page at https://plus.google.com/103576501952883452343/posts

The article by Priyanka particularly is wonderfully refreshing and enthusiastic – well worth a read.

We are regularly adding content and posts about New Zealand. Feel free to share these from our Google + Page if you wish. https://plus.google.com/103576501952883452343/posts

We hope you like the articles we have added. Your comments and suggestions for more articles are welcome.

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Windows Snipping Tool

Do you ever want to send a shot of part of your screen to your developer or someone?

If you have Windows 7 there is a “snipping” that you can use.

Go to your Start menu, type “snipping” in the search box and it should come up. Then you highlight the part of the screen you want and copy or send it off. You can also highlight or use the pen to annotate the image before you send it.

If you want to use a whole screen shot you can also use Alt / Print Screen and then paste into a document or email.

Google Cookies

One more thing that Google looks like it wants to gain control of is the way cookies (or other tracking methods) work on the net.

Cookies are small snippets that load onto your computer by sites when you browse. They can be used to see if you are a returning visitor or to market particular information to you. They track you on the net.

Now it looks like Google wants to add their own cookie or trackin mechanism so that they have better control on the information they are collecting about you. This will let them deliver even more targeted advertising to you.

It is all about the advertising $$$. Make no mistake, Google is there to make the best return for its investors any way it can. And that is though delivering more and more ads to you.

This NZ Herald article explains it all.


To quote the article

“Should Google be successful in the deployment of a de-facto global internet usage tracking standard, that will help it comprehensively dominate the global online advertising market.”

Global domination is kind of scary!

Chinese Tourists

In spite of us thinking we are a huge destination for Chinese tourists, NZ is number 23 only on their list of destinations. They are expected to make 80 million overseas trips this year. (ref Hotels Combined)

Hong Kong is number 1 with between 6 million and 9 million tourists from China (depends on source). France, at number 11, only gets around 600,000.

More information is available at


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