October 2014 Newsletter

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Welcome to our October 2014 Great New Zealand / Net Action Tourism Web Marketing newsletter.

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In this newsletter:

  • Great news re rules for Google Adwords companies!!
  • Keep your Domain Name records up to date
  • Preventing Bad Online Reviews
  • Hacking of sites
  • Apple Innovations

Great News re Rules for Google Adwords companies!!

We have been concerned for some time about the huge push to use Google Adwords and the lack of transparency of reporting from some companies running Adwords campaigns for clients along with highly aggressive sales techniques.

We have always said that any 3rd party company running an Adwords campaign should fully disclose both the management cost of running the campaign and the cost per click that you are paying to Google.

So great news that Google have updated their third party policy. From November it now requires companies running campaigns to disclose both of these things.

Specifically it states

“At a minimum, you must provide your customers with monthly performance reports that include data on costs, clicks, and impressions at the Google advertising account level. When sharing Google advertising cost data with customers, report the exact amount charged by Google, exclusive of any fees that you charge.”

And more such as :

No misleading claims about performance
No harassment and repeated cold calling to sign you up
No guaranteeing top placements
No pretending to be Google

All great stuff and ethical companies should have been doing this anyhow.!

We hope that this will bring Adwords companies into line, including several large, very aggressive NZ companies who have not been fully disclosing information to their clients.

If you are using a company to run an Adwords campaign for you and they are not telling you the actual cost per click for the search terms they are targeting for you, or are harassing you or anything, please direct them to the Google Third Party requirements at;


And demand that they supply clear reports to you that comply with this policy.

If they don’t, report them to Mr Google.

Keep your Domain Name records up to date

We are currently working with several clients to obtain their new .nz domain names.

This has again highlighted the issue of keeping the contact information for your domain record up to date. If it has out of date information, then you may have problems updating the record now or in the future. In some cases resolving this is resulting in a kind of never-ending cyclical trap because the email address associated with the record no longer exists.

Check out your domain name record at http://dnc.org.nz/ Put your domain name in and search (top left)

Look at the results.

If the registrant and/or administrator email address is out of date, it must be updated. It should also be an “enduring” email address. Do not use any address that may go out of date if a staff member leaves your organisation. (like bob@yourdomain.co.nz)

To update this information, contact whomever you pay for your domain name registration.

Also, have you done anything yet about reserving your .nz domain name? You have until March but don’t forget to do it if you want it. Leave time in case your domain record needs sorting out first. Check at http://www.anyname.co.nz to see if you have Preferential Rights to it.

If you get stuck we can help you.

Preventing Bad Online Reviews

We hope that your great service and product means that you only get positive online reviews.

But to minimise the risk of bad reviews, in the US there have been cases of hotels adding a “non disparagement” clause into their terms and conditions and/or check-in forms. This means the guest agrees (with or without reading the fine print) not to write a bad online review of the property. The hotel could then sue if they did!

Every month 280 million visitors check out Tripadvisor reviews. 89% of people say that online reviews are instrumental in their decision. The introduction of no-review policies and rules would certainly change the importance and credibility of online reviews in the decision process. It could well mean the demise of some online review sites as they would no longer represent the whole picture..

See the article “Could lawyers Destroy Tripadvisor?

Hacking of sites

We know of a surprising number of sites that have been hacked lately. Sites built using WordPress are the most commonly targeted as they have numerous “plug-ins” that may be vulnerable. But the hacking we have seen has been with a range of different Content Management Systems and different developers. No one is immune.

What really surprised us is the shocking response of several of the developers to being informed of it.
One large NZ developer who also host the clients’ sites has told at least 3 of their clients that it was their fault because their site was hosted on an out of date server. And that it would cost $500 to migrate their site plus the cost of fixing the hack.

We think that is very wrong – any company hosting sites for clients surely has a duty of care to ensure that sites are at all times hosted on up to date servers with the best anti-hacking measures in place as a matter of course! They should at very least be proactive and recommend to clients if any upgrade is required at an time. Not wait till 5 years later when there is a problem and then blame and charge the client. Clients should not need to know anything technical about how or where their sites are hosted. That is why hosting companies exist – to manage that.

We suggest you ask your developer and/or hosting company what measures they have in place to minimise the risk to your site of hacking.

How often do they update their systems to improve security? If your site is using WordPress, how often are core WordPress files and plug-ins updated? Do they have a regular programme for this?

How often do they back-up your site (or are you meant to do this). Where are back-ups kept?

Is your site hosted on a server that is considered up to date and secure from hacking?

Ask us to help if you are not sure about these things.

Apple Innovations

Apple is constantly reinventing their products so that users feel the need to buy the latest and greatest

Here is an article about some of Apple’s latest ideas and innovations.


If you are an Applehead, you’d better get that credit card out again!

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