Website Optimisation & Performance Services

We do everything that we can to help your website perform as well as possible for you.

Our overall aim is to help you get as much business from your website and Internet presence as possible.

To do this there a myriad of things about your site and the Internet that need to be maximised. Some of these are relatively simple issues and others more technically challenging. But even the simple tasks are often overlooked or left undone because business owners don’t have the time, the specific knowledge or skills, or the inclination to attend to them. Or owners are “too close” to the issues so are unable to objectively look at them with a view to improving things. And lets face it, everyone is busy and things that should be done slip off the radar!

We make your life easier by attending to all of these issues for you as well as the key areas that are required to make your website work well.

We aim to give your website maximum visibility on the Net and your user the best possible experience so that you get the best return.

Some key areas of our work include

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Site Useability input
  • Monitoring and Analysis – watching that things keep working
  • Liaison with Developers, hosting companies and anyone else
  • Facilitation of anything that needs done, technical or otherwise
  • Advising and assisting with site development and redevelopment issues

Really we do anything we can related to your website – just ask us if we can do it!

About the only things that we don’t do is actual website development (building the site) and Google Adwords.

However, we can give you objective advice about these and facilitate and help you with the many important parts of the process.

Please contact us for further details