Mobile Sites

Mobile is now a vitally important part of your strategy. Approximately 25% of traffic to our clients’ sites came from mobile phones or tablets in May 2014.  Google is now actively rewarding sites that have a mobile friendly version.

We can offer advice on the ins and outs of different methods of building mobile sites – eg dual sites versus dynamic responsive sites. There are very big differences that you should know about.

This site is fully responsive – you can view how it looks in different devices from desktop to mobile phones at (as with any tool it is not perfect but it does show you how the site changes between different screen sizes). Test your own site there too.

Content displayed on a mobile site may also need to be different as users are normally looking for different information once they are travelling.

You should not do any redevelopment of your current website without ensuring that a mobile version is part of the process.

You must consider mobilising your site now, not in a few years!

If need be, we can build you a relatively cheap mobile site as a stopgap measure until you redevelop your proper site.

Ask us for advice before considering a mobile site.