PPC/Google Adwords

Pay Per Click is being pushed more and more all the time by the big Internet players like Google (Adwords) and Facebook.

This is not surprising because, at the end of the day, they are in this game to make money and advertising is how they do that.

Pay Per Click should be considered as part of your marketing mix but it should show you a good return on your investment if you do it.

Pay Per Click campaigns can be very expensive ie the cost per click (CPC) and also very time consuming to properly monitor and manage.

Because they are so time consuming, we do not feel that we can adequately recover our costs in managing campaigns for clients. So for now it is not one of the core services that we offer.  But we will do it if you really want to pay us for our time to do it well.

We can however monitor what others are doing and give you good objective advice about whether it is worth doing and the potential pitfalls.

There are numerous companies who will happily take your money to set up / manage Google Adwords for you. Many of these (mostly from overseas but also some local ones) use very aggressive sales tactics and usually are unable to prove the benefits to you. Some lock you into long contracts.

Ask us for advice to ensure that you don’t get ripped off or mislead!

Our advice could save you thousands!