Development Assistance

Any site development or redevelopment is a big job and requires lots of time and attention to detail.

There are numerous pitfalls in development or redevelopment of a website. Many of these can adversely affect your search engine visibility if not handled right.

You need to carefully consider a number of factors in this process including:

  • The developer you choose
  • Development cost vs benefit
  • Content Mgt Systems (CMS)
  • Hosting issues
  • Overall site structure
  • Page naming
  • Page redirects
  • Robots.txt issues
  • Site Optimisation
  • Analytics Tracking & verification codes
  • Content including spelling & grammar etc!
  • Image issues
  • Useability
  • User experience
  • Broken links on site
  • Checking inbound links
  • Mobilisation of site
  • and much more……

We can advise you before you start, help facilitate the process with all parties, and check all the important issues once the site is completed.

It is not unusual for us to spend 10-15 hours after a site has been developed or redeveloped to sort out and tidy up issues that have occurred during the process. Often these are things that have been overlooked or not carefully considered in advance because of a lack of co-ordination between all parties.

Ask us before you start and we can help “smooth the process” so that little needs correction after completion. Or have us “sanity check” everything afterwards so you do not lose your visibility on the Net.

Let us make sure everything is working and that the pieces of the jigsaw stay together!