Social Media

Yes, Social Media is increasingly important for businesses especially as this can be the only way some (normally younger) people interact with the Internet. But some are also turning away from Social Media sites as it is too time intensive to use.

Google Plus (Google+), Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Whats Up and many many more social media – new ones almost every day.

How much time does managing this take you and what return does that give you?

While it is not yet the biggest Social Media platform (Facebook is), Google+ is arguably the most important.  Rest assured,  Google WILL find a way to make it the biggest by tying it closely to other Google Products. Google+ is being integrated more and more into Google every day and now influences Google Search Results.

If your business is not on Google+ and using it now, you will need to be soon.

As a consequence we mostly focus on Google+ for our clients. We can assist you to set up and manage your Google+ business page to best effect. And assist with the merger of old Google Places pages to Google+.

We can help you measure if the time you are spending on the other social channels is providing you with a return for that time investment.

We can assist with setup, content, articles and posts on various social media channels. Social Media is still really finding how best to operate.  Will advertising on Social Media be so intrusive that it turns people off?

We expect big changes in the major players and the way they work in the next few years.

Let us take an objective look at all of this for you and discuss how we can assist.

Contact us now to improve your Social Media standing.