Password Security

Most people are all a bit complacent about these. Understandable as there are so many passwords and PIN numbers for things these days.

But how secure are yours really?

For example, many people are using WordPress for their website. The default login for these and many other things is “admin”. The default password for this is often also set as “admin”!

So the most common login for hackers to try to beak is of course “admin’. And the first password they will try is also “admin”. Not rocket science.

Logins are also often your email address – not hard for a hacker to get that either.

After that a hacker can set up a program that will try thousands of simple letter number combinations and sequences like abc123, bob1, 123xyx, yourbusinessname etc etc. The law of percentages means that automated tools can discover many logins and passwords fairly easily.

What to do

If you are using logins like “admin”, see if you can change these.

And don’t use really simple logins passwords like motel and motel1 etc. Easy to remember but easy to hack as well.

You may not want to use really complicated ones like you should (combinations of upper and lower case, characters and numbers and symbols etc) but please at least review what you are using and get change any really simple ones.

Admin does not need to be the user login used in WordPress – it can be changed and removed.

Microsoft has some tips and a security checker at