Web Marketing & Technical Resources

This page aims to give you a list of useful links for more information about Web marketing, the internet in general, and technical resources sites such as anti virus software. The links are roughly organised in to the following order:

  • Web marketing & Internet info and resource sites
  • other internet information including site design and statistics
  • technical and computer resource sites

Search Engine Watch – Search Links
Information on and links to all the major search engines plus specialty and regional engines.

ClickZ Today
Loads of information, articles and links related to web marketing and other internet strategies.

Internet News
Latest news articles and info about what is happening with the key players on the net

Nielsen Netratings
One of the “authoritive” publishers of on line statistics but the info does cost you.

US Domain name information – check if a .com or other urls are registered and who to.

Com Store / Media Metrix
Company specialising in internet useage statistics etc.

Microsoft’s web site – Download latest versions of drivers and software or search their knowledgebase to try to find an answer to your latest software glitch (look under “Support”). What glich you say? Ha!

Here is where you can download and find support information for Firefox if you want an alternative to Internet Explorer

Sheilds UP!! Computer Security Checker
Test your computer security from hacking with this free tool. If test tells you you are vulnerable then try Zone Alarm| Black Box or another firewall system to protect your system (see Tucows download site on this page)

AVG Anti Virus software
We use AVG and find it to be reliable with good support services

Norton Anti Virus software
Well known antivirus software. Good information on viruses, hoaxes and protection methods

McAfee Anti Virus Software
One of the main suppliers of anti-virus software. Comprehensive information about viruses| hoaxes and protection methods

CNET Downloads
Extensive selection of software for download

ZDNET Downloads
Another extensive download site.