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Yahoo killing passwords?

Are you sick of having all those passwords? A new Yahoo app aims to get rid of those by sending a notification to a user’s smartphone.

Not sure if that will work well or not but it is aimed at making things easier for Yahoo mail users and attracting more customers to this.

Yahoo mail had 190 million users in August 2015 while Google Gmail had 411 million and increasing.
More market dominance by Google!

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More Ads on your devices?

There is huge revenue being made from ads on your search results and devices. These are geographically and demographically targeted to you based on what Google and others know about you and your friends.

As mentioned above Facebook is also releasing its own advertising network. And Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia and use of Windows 8 on Nokia products should boost their ability to deliver their own Bing Ads.

So I predict that we are at the beginning of a Pay per Click battle between Microsoft, Google, Apple and Facebook, with each trying to make as much revenue as they can from these.

If you think there are a lot of ads now, I think you ain’t seen nothing yet. It is just the beginning as these companies try to maximise returns for shareholders!

It may just bring the cost per click of ads down though – Google Adwords have been getting way too expensive for many businesses to get a decent Return on Investment from them.

Google / Facebook / Yahoo Violations

Google has been fined for violating Anti Privacy rules in France.

The judgement against them said “The company does not sufficiently inform its users of the conditions in which their personal data are processed, nor of the purposes of this processing. They may therefore neither understand the purposes for which their data are collected, which are not specific as the law requires, nor the ambit of the data collected through the different services concerned. Consequently, they are not able to exercise their rights, in particular their right of access, objection or deletion.”


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