Site Redevelopment Issues


There are things you need to know…

We are currently redeveloping our Net Action website. Our new site will be fully “mobile responsive” as that is what sites really need to be these days. When our new site is up & running, we will be able to demonstrate to you what that actually means.

Regardless of how much care and planning you put in, redevelopment is likely to be a big job. So we empathise with any of you who have, or soon will be redeveloping your sites. (and we hope that a good mobile site is part of that).

It takes a lot of time to reconsider your website structure, rewrite your content and update images etc. And it is absolutely essential to check your new site thoroughly.

Unfortunately there are a number of things that may be overlooked by your developer and others during the site development process, especially if not considered “up front”. Some of these can seriously impact your site’s visibility in search engines and to users on the net. Planning ahead and anticipating the issues is therefore highly preferable.

Correcting these issues after the new site is online can take a lot of time. In some cases we have spent 10-20 hours helping clients resolve important (and often critical) issues that were overlooked.

If you are about to redevelop your website or have recently done so, talk to us about “sanity checking” it for you and helping correct anything that may have been missed. A different set of eyes usually makes for a better result for you and ensures that vital or desirable things were not missed in the process.

Talk to us, obligation free. Call Ron or Sue 07 866 3929, or reply to this email.