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Google Analytics tracking of TripAdvisor referrals

Earlier this year, TripAdvisor changed their site to a secure one (using https:, not http:) This means that Google Analytics can no longer track referrals from TripAdvisor without some “tweaking”.

If you have noticed a drop in your TripAdvisor referrals in Anlaytics, this is probably why.

There is a work around for people with paid TripAdvisor business listings (eg accommodation sites) but not for other listings at this stage (like activities or free accommodation listings).

The work-around involves changing your website link to a custom Google tracking url.

Information on this change is at

We can assist you to do this if need be.

Monitoring your business on Social Media

Almost everything tells you that you need to be actively engaged in Social Media.

If you are, then you should be closely monitoring what is being said about your business all the social channels. Monitoring reviews and responding to these can be critical to the success or otherwise of your business. According to one US study, businesses that respond to a complaint on social media see a 20% increase in advocacy. But businesses that did not respond to a complaint, saw a 43% decrease in advocacy.

Monitoring social media can be a very time consuming process but there are some tools that can help you to do this more efficiently.

We found this article that may help you.

What does Net Action do?

We are often asked to explain what we do that is different to others.

Net Action Ltd, which runs, primarily ensures that your site and business have the best Internet presence that they can. Increased sales to you is the end goal from this.

Search Engine Optimisation is at the core of our work but just looking back at the last week, here are some of the many things that we have dealt with for clients.
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Google + changes

Google have been under continuing pressure from large sites about how “Google pushes it’s own barrow in its search results”.
eg much of the space on the 1st page is taken up with Google Adwords and / or Google Local Search results, Google Images etc.

So Google has recently succumbed to some of this pressure and changed a few things in the Search Results pages (Serps). We don’t know if these are permanent or just an experiment (they won’t tell anyone of course).

Changes they have made are mostly in Local Search results, which have been a good way to get on page 1 for free. They were showing up to 7 results here, but have now reduced this to 3. This is also to make results more mobile friendly – 3 fits better than 7.

And your business’s Google + page is not linked directly from these anymore.

That makes it even more important to try to ensure that you are in these Local results and that your Google + page is effective (it affects this). And Google reviews can affect this – more good reviews on your Google + page affects if you are in the top 3 local results displayed. So keep on focusing on encouraging customer reviews for your business on your Google+ page.

Google has also split out the photo component of your Google+ Page into a standalone product called Google Photos.

For more information see or a more recent article

And talk to us if you need to know more on this.

Adwords Return on Investment

We recently met with a motelier who was happy that it cost him $100 in Adwords cost for every booking – he got 7 bookings from $700 in Adwords campaign for the month. His room rate is around $120 per night ($104 excl gst). He seemed very happy that his occupancy had increased by 100% and that is what counted to him.

I admit I don’t know everything (I don’t know what I don’t know either) but when most of the industry is complaining about 15% commissions they are paying to and other OTAs, how is paying 96% commission equivalent to Google for Adwords a good deal and return on investment? And that is without considering cleaning costs etc!! Continue reading

TripAdvisor becoming a booking site

It has been slowly happening but now appears to be in full swing, at least in the US. Now that they have such market dominance, TripAdvisor are becoming a full blown booking site and maximising their returns.

With Instant Book, or Book on TripAdvisor, consumers get the convenience of booking the hotel on TripAdvisor or in its apps without having to navigate to a hotel or online travel agency site. The hotels pay TripAdvisor a commission instead of paying for clicks. The commissions undercut those that they might have to pay to Expedia or, for example.

More info on the transition is at these links

This will probably mean more business listing options from them for promoting your business above others. It will be driven by commission $$$ rather than traveller ratings and reviews. And an even more aggressive approach from TripAdvisor to selling you business listings.

If paying for business listings just make sure that you know if your return on investment is worthwhile. And maximise the opportunities that are available. Eg feature a special offer for your property as this provides additional exposure on the site.

You probably don’t like paying commissions but that is just the way the market is changing. Unfortunately you need to get used to it and maximise your benefit (or minimise the impact) from this change.

Serving Legal Documents via Facebook

Police, government agencies and prospective employers have been using Facebook and other social media sites to find information about people for some time. But it is actually also legal for documents to be served on people via social media such as Facebook (actually it has been for quite awhile).

In many cases it is easy for people to hide their physical address. But if they are actively using social media for regular posts, you can find them relatively easily if you need to!

For more information see and

For legal advice on this and any conditions, check with your legal advisor.