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Update on .nz Domain Names

In March 2015 you were able to register or reserve the new .nz domain names. At that stage you had until 30 September 2016 to register these fully if you only reserved them .  Due to some ambiguous wording, the domain name commissioner has now extended this until 31 March 2017.
If you do not register any name that you have reserved by then, it becomes available to anyone on a first come first served basis. Continue reading

Domain name extensions

Domain name extensions

You can buy a domain extension in almost any flavour (eg the recent .nz extension we told you about).

But to show how extreme this is getting, the latest one to be released is .sucks! Would you want

We suggest that it is probably not one that you really need to reserve for yourself!

for more info see this NZ Herald article

.nz domain names update

In previous newsletters we advised about reserving your .nz domain name before 30 March when you may have had Preferential Rights to it.

Now that this deadline has passed all remaining .nz domain names are available on a first come, first served basis.

So your competitor is able to register the .nz version of your business / website name if you haven’t.
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.nz domain names

This is a reminder that you have until 30 March to reserve or register the .nz version of your domain name. That is, if you have you may want to also get the new domain.

If you reserve this, you have until 30 Sept 2016 to decide if you want to register and keep it. It is free to reserve it until then and in the meantime it is protected for you.

We are recommending to all of our clients (and you) that they reserve their .nz domain name (s). Its unlikely that you will want to change over to this new domain for your website in the short term, but it is important to protect it. Continue reading

.nz domain names etc

Have you registered or reserved your .nz domain name yet?  And are your domain records up to date – if not get onto it now.  You have until 30 March to protect your .nz domain name.  If your domain record is not correct this may need dealing with first and that may take some time depending who your registrar is. It can get pretty complicated in some cases.

We can assist you with this.

Keep your Domain Name records up to date

We are currently working with several clients to obtain their new .nz domain names.

This has again highlighted the issue of keeping the contact information for your domain record up to date. If it has out of date information, then you may have problems updating the record now or in the future. In some cases resolving this is resulting in a kind of never-ending cyclical trap because the email address associated with the record no longer exists. Continue reading

New .nz domain names – action required

In our August newsletter we provided information about the new .nz domain names that you should consider obtaining. It is important that you consider this and make an active decision about whether to get your .nz domain name after Sept 30 2014 and before March 30 2015.

Before 30th March 2015 you will have preferential rights to this unless there is a conflict with someone else. There will be a conflict resolution process. After 30 March anyone can purchase your .nz domain on a “first come first served basis”.

Read last month’s article at or go to for more information. Or contact us at Net Action for assistance and advice.

Release of .nz domain names

At last there is some definitive information about the new .nz domain names due for release soon. If you are unsure what these are, see our article at

Essentially, you can register your interest in obtaining the .nz version of your current domain name between 30 Sept 2014 and 30 March 2015.

If no-one else is using a version of your domain (like you should get automatic PRR (Preferential Registration or Reservation) status for the name and have no problem.

If someone else is also using a version of your name and also registers their interest, you will be in conflict and will need to make a case for an arbritrator to decide who gets the name. That may be based on whether it is actively being used, length of time since registration, trademark or branding issues etc. It may be that no-one is allowed it.

You can go online and find out the status of your domain name at This will also show you who you are in conflict with if that is the case.

Rather than us regurgitate everything about this, there is comprehensive (and fairly easy to read) information about the whole process on the site, including the important dates, conflict issues and resolution, and FAQs.

We suggest that you should consider reserving your .nz domain as it protects it from being registered by others. But in most cases, still keep using your existing domain as your main one for your website as this is what it will be indexed as with Google and elsewhere on the net.

Please contact us it you need more information or help with this.