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NZ Website Credit Card hack / skimming

Hackers have recently skimmed credit card details from scores of NZ online stores. These include sports and book stores and online pharmacies. Worldwide there are around 6000+ sites affected by this malware.

The hack exploits a vulnerability in unpatched Magento Shopping carts on sites.

If you think you have purchased from a site which uses a Magento shopping card, contact your bank. If your site uses Magento as it’s shopping cart back end contact your developer.

And if you are using any other shopping cart on your site check to make sure that it is fully up to date and secure.

Now! Pronto!


Update on Google Glass

We were in the USA and it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen anyone wearing and using Google Glasses (remember how Google told us how great they were about 3-4 years ago). So I looked them up to see if they were still being used or sold

It seems they haven’t really gone “mainstream” and been adopted by everyone in the street for daily use.

But they are actually being used for some pretty useful things. Continue reading

Travelling with Technology

We have recently been travelling overseas so it was a good chance for us to see how we would use various technologies while on the road. Sorry Apple users, you have lots of different clever things you can do with Iphones, Ipads etc that we haven’t discussed here.

We travelled with

A small laptop / tablet computer (Windows)
A Samsung S5 mini Phone (Android)
A Kindle Fire 7

What we found is: Continue reading

Back to the Future – Windows 95

For those of you who just like to geek, or to reminisce, or have too much time on your hands..

You can now install Windows 95 in your browser if you want to see what the good old days used to be like. I’m not sure why you would, but it is there if you want to.


For those who want to go back even further, you can of course still use MSDOS by going to the command prompt on your computer.

Apple Loses Top Ranking

Apple has been the world’s wealthiest company. But apparently no longer.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet was reported by CNBC as the world most valuable company in 2015. Seems they were worth $US570 billion and Apple only a miserable $US539 billion. It is quite likely that this trend will continue as Apple relies so heavily on iPhone sales, whereas Alphabet is much more diversified.

Fake Link Crashes web browsers

Again, mostly affecting Apple users, there is a link being used in Social media posts that causes the Safari browser to crash. The link is often “shortened” in posts so users don’t immediately recognise it as fake and mischievous.

A 22 year old found a hole in Safari security so created this just “because he could”. He should “get a life’ instead!

Read more about it and how it could affect you at