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Travelling with Technology

We have recently been travelling overseas so it was a good chance for us to see how we would use various technologies while on the road. Sorry Apple users, you have lots of different clever things you can do with Iphones, Ipads etc that we haven’t discussed here.

We travelled with

A small laptop / tablet computer (Windows)
A Samsung S5 mini Phone (Android)
A Kindle Fire 7

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Fake Link Crashes web browsers

Again, mostly affecting Apple users, there is a link being used in Social media posts that causes the Safari browser to crash. The link is often “shortened” in posts so users don’t immediately recognise it as fake and mischievous.

A 22 year old found a hole in Safari security so created this just “because he could”. He should “get a life’ instead!

Read more about it and how it could affect you at

Adobe Flash Issues. The end of Flash?

If you are using Firefox as your browser you will have noticed numerous web sites do not fully work until you manually activate Adobe Flash. Trying to install the Flash upgrade also may not work. Flash is frequently used to display streaming video, advertisement and interactive multimedia content on web pages – the whole site will not be broken but images and video might be.

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Mobile Website Usage

We keep telling you that Mobile usage is increasing and that you should have a mobile friendly website.

So here are some real figures from our own clients’ usage statistics.

On the whole mobile usage (phone & tablets) account for around 24–30% of site visitors.

These percentages are up around 9% from the same time last year.

The bounce rate (number of people who arrive at the site and go straight back out of it) is highest on mobile phones because non-mobilised sites are too small to read on these. So people don’t bother.

So you need to have a strategy for getting your site mobile friendly. We can assist you with this.

Browser Usage

From client statistics we are seeing that Google Chrome and Safari are now about equal with Internet Explorer in the browser usage wars. Each has close to 30% of the market with Firefox now lagging somewhat behind. That is probably a reflection of the increase in mobile usage and the decrease in desktop browsing.

Make sure your web site works in at least these 4 browsers as well as on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.