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Travelling with Technology

We have recently been travelling overseas so it was a good chance for us to see how we would use various technologies while on the road. Sorry Apple users, you have lots of different clever things you can do with Iphones, Ipads etc that we haven’t discussed here.

We travelled with

A small laptop / tablet computer (Windows)
A Samsung S5 mini Phone (Android)
A Kindle Fire 7

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Google Now Favours Mobile Friendly sites

Google has started informing site owners via their Google Webmaster Tools account if it thinks their site is not mobile friendly or has mobile usability errors. Whilst they are not penalising non-mobile friendly sites as such, they are promoting other sites over these. The effect is the same – your competitor’s mobile friendly site is likely to appear in search results above yours. Google’s new algorithm that will increase the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal is due out on 21 April 2015.
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More Ads on your devices?

There is huge revenue being made from ads on your search results and devices. These are geographically and demographically targeted to you based on what Google and others know about you and your friends.

As mentioned above Facebook is also releasing its own advertising network. And Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia and use of Windows 8 on Nokia products should boost their ability to deliver their own Bing Ads.

So I predict that we are at the beginning of a Pay per Click battle between Microsoft, Google, Apple and Facebook, with each trying to make as much revenue as they can from these.

If you think there are a lot of ads now, I think you ain’t seen nothing yet. It is just the beginning as these companies try to maximise returns for shareholders!

It may just bring the cost per click of ads down though – Google Adwords have been getting way too expensive for many businesses to get a decent Return on Investment from them.

Mobile Website Usage

We keep telling you that Mobile usage is increasing and that you should have a mobile friendly website.

So here are some real figures from our own clients’ usage statistics.

On the whole mobile usage (phone & tablets) account for around 24–30% of site visitors.

These percentages are up around 9% from the same time last year.

The bounce rate (number of people who arrive at the site and go straight back out of it) is highest on mobile phones because non-mobilised sites are too small to read on these. So people don’t bother.

So you need to have a strategy for getting your site mobile friendly. We can assist you with this.

Google Glass & Technology Leaps


It was 1965 when Maxwell Smart, Agent 86, introduced us to the concept of a mobile phone with his shoe phone on the Get Smart TV show.

But it was almost 20 years until the first mobile phone was used in 1983.

These days technology is moving way faster if you can think of it, someone is probably already trying to develop it.

I am not really a techno geek but am a little fascinated about where this is all going. Whether we like it or not, we are all along for the technology ride into the future.

One gadget due to hit the stores soon is the public release of Google Glass, Google’s wearable gadget to change your life!

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